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Updated SOPs for Supervisors Regarding Monitoring


Updated SOPs for Supervisors Regarding Monitoring. All the supervisors have to monitor the blocks and check 5 households per block, in manual it was directed to monitor, two households but for credibility of census results it is decided that Supervisors have to check at least 5 household from each block.

  • All Supervisor are requested to Re-import in Enumeration application in internet zone.
  • Each Supervisor has to collect 5 HH per Block for checking Quality of Data.
  • Supervisor must physically visit these households and collect data.
  • Supervisor can start Enumeration from 27-03-2023.
  • Supervisor will go-to exact same structure and household and shall collect data of 5 random households per block, if more than 5 households are shown in block.
  • Maximum 5 households should be covered per block.
  • Data should be collected/verified from respondent of the household not from any other sources.
  • Physical visit the household, as Geo Tagging information collected in background will provide if Supervisor physical visited or not.
  • Other important secondary information is collected in background to assess data quality of the Supervisor.
  1. All the CDO are requested to circulate the information for compliance please. This Exercise is very important for data quality assurance.

SOPs for Supervisors Regarding Monitoring

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Distribution: –

  • All Provincial In charges (For Necessary Action)
  • All Divisional In charges (For Necessary Action)
  • All CDOs/Supervisor (For Necessary Action)
  • Muhammad Yasir Ishfaq, Director DP, PBS, Islamabad
  • Sobia Munawar, Director DP, PBS, Islamabad
  • Rafique Hussain Talpur, Director, FS(I), PBS Islamabad (For urgent Action)
  • Farrukh Jalees, Director, FS(II), PBS, Islamabad (For urgent Action)
  • Qaiser Iqbal, Director Projects, NADRA, Islamabad

Copy for Information: –

  • APS to Member (SS/RM), PBS, Islamabad
  • APS to Member (C&S), PBS, Islamabad
  • Office Copy
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