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International Gandhara Symposium in Pakistan

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International Gandhara Symposium: Celebrating Cultural Diplomacy and Buddhist Heritage in Pakistan. The three-day International Gandhara Symposium is currently underway in Islamabad, Pakistan. With the theme “Cultural Diplomacy: Reviving Gandhara Civilization and Buddhist Heritage in Pakistan,” the event aims to highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Gandhara Civilization. FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari call for Global Unity

International Gandhara Symposium in Pakistan

Showcasing the Treasures of Gandhara Civilization

  1. Promoting Cultural Diplomacy: The symposium serves as a platform to revive and promote the cultural diplomacy of the Gandhara Civilization, emphasizing its significance and contributions to the region.
  2. Celebrating Buddhist Heritage: One of the main focuses of the event is to showcase the Buddhist heritage embedded within the Gandhara Civilization. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the historical treasures and archaeological sites associated with Buddhism.

Engagement of Buddhist Monks

  1. Diverse Participation: The symposium has attracted the participation of Buddhist monks from various countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, South Korea, and Sri Lanka. Their presence adds to the cultural diversity and exchange of knowledge during the event.
  2. Visit to Taxila Museum: As part of the symposium, the attending monks will have the chance to visit the renowned Taxila Museum, which houses significant artifacts from the Gandhara Civilization. They will also explore the archaeological sites in the vicinity.

By organizing the International Gandhara Symposium, Pakistan aims to foster cultural exchange, revive historical legacies, and strengthen diplomatic ties among nations with a shared interest in the Gandhara Civilization and Buddhist heritage. Prime Minister Call for Equal Opportunities for Womenfolk

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