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How to Detect Documents Written by AI


How to Detect Documents Written by AI. In this this post advised you to familiarize yourself with AI before having your pupils turn in essays, they had written using programmes like ChatGPT, Magic Write, and Moonbeam. Many folks wrote back to me with inquiries on how to stop pupils from using those tools.

In answer to a few of those letters, I stated that I was certain that individuals were working on creating tools to identify text produced by AI. Indeed, this week Quill.org and CommonLit.org worked together to develop a tool that can identify text produced by artificial intelligence. Any instructor who wishes to utilise it can do so for free. The programme is called AI Writing Check.

Simply copy a section of text with 100 words or more and put it into AI Writing Check to utilise the tool. After that, the programme will inform you whether or not artificial intelligence was used to construct the writing. All there is to it is that.

Some Additional Ideas Regarding AI Writing Tools

AI Work Check isn’t perfect, and as the website notes, kids can still figure out how to get past technologies that are meant to identify writing that was created by AI. In fact, a way for trying to trick AI Writing Check was Tweeted at me minutes after I published my video on it.

Even if some schools attempt to prohibit programmes like ChatGPT, it is likely that kids will still attempt to use them. Instead, then putting a lot of effort into outright prohibiting AI technologies, have dialogues with kids about appropriate usage. Someone or some organization is undoubtedly already attempting to include those kinds of topics in their digital citizenship programme.

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