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10th Biology Chapter 11 – Homeostasis Notes


10th Biology Chapter 11 – Homeostasis Notes. Download Important answers of the questions for annual examination. Best answers according to your requirements of students. Below are important 10th Biology Chapter 11 notes for Homeostasis complete chapter.

Define thermoregulation?

Answer. Balance the amounts of water and salts concentration is named thermoregulation.

Question. Define osmoregulation?

Answer. Internal liquid body substance maintained is named osmoregulation.

Question. Write the parts of name of urinary system?

Answer. Maintained bladder, and urethra.

Question. What’s hypo-tonic urine?

Answer. Excess secretion of water in urine.

Question. What’s hyper-tonic?

Answer. Shortage of water in liquid body substance.

Question. What’s meant by osmosis?

Answer. When water move from higher concentration to low concentration is named osmosis.

Question. Define hydrophytes?

Answer. Those plants which sleep in water

Question. Define xerophytes?

Answer. Plants sleep in dry condition is calls xerophytes.

Question. How plants secrete their metabolic waste?

Answer. Excrete their waste in body as a harmless substance then convert nontoxic insoluble substance. Some waste substance. Some.

Question. What’s homeostasis?

Answer. Maintenance of internal body condition to form at equilibrium state.

Question. What’s excretion?

Answer. Elimination of waste is named excretion.

Question. What’s meant by pressure filtration?

Answer. Blood enter the kidney through arteria realis then go glomerulus so pressure of blood is high and water salts glucose urea of blood more pressurize the glomerular.

Question. What’s the dimensions and weight of human kidney?

Answer. Each and every kidney is about 10cm long, 5cm wide and about 4cm thick and weight about 27 grams.

Question. What role is main played by lungs in homeostasis?

Answer. Lungs maintain the concentration of co2 in blood. Carbon dioxide produce they perform respiration.

Question. What’s kidney failure?

Answer. When kidney doesn’t perform its function properly.it cause renal failure.

Question. Name the metabolic wastes produced in conifers and kesar tree?

Answer. 1. Conifers resins. 2. Keara gums.

Question. What’s lithotripsy?

Answer. Removal of stones from kidney. In which non electrical technique use and waves falls on stone from outside of the body.

Question. What’s tissue rejection?

Answer. They reject the kidney when tissue protein not match.

Question. Define dialysis?

Answer. Artificial cleaning of blood

Question. Define guttation?

Answer. Drops of water present on the side of leaves is named guttation. Surface of leaves is called guttation.

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