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Word Processing Softwares, Functions and Terminologies

Word Processing Softwares, Functions and Terminologies. This article is a complete solution for get an advance knowledge about Word processing, Types of word Processors, Different Terminologies in Word Processing, advantages and disadvantages of Word processing. You will also learn that what are Working Schema of Word-processing, Features and functions of word-processing.

What is word processing?

Word Processing is an act of using a computer for creating, editing, saving and print of documents. In order to perform an activity with word processing, specific programs required known as a Word Processor. e.g., Microsoft Word. Instead of Microsoft Word a number of other word processing applications are also being used.

What is word processor?

A word processor is a software or program that deals with words. It also processes contents like paragraphs, pages, and complete papers. Like some example of word processors are Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, AppleWorks, OpenOffice.

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Word processor didn’t develop out of laptop expertise. Fairly, they advanced from mechanical machines and solely later did they merge with the pc discipline. The historical past of Word processing is the story of the gradual automation of the bodily elements of writing and modifying, after which to the refinement of the expertise to make it accessible to firms and People.

The time period Word processing appeared in American workplaces in early 1970s centered on the thought of streamlining the work to typists, however the that means quickly shifted towards the automation of the entire modifying cycle.

At first, the designers of Word processing methods mixed present applied sciences with rising ones to develop stand-alone tools, creating a brand-new enterprise distinct from the rising world of the non-public pc. The idea of Word processing arose from the extra basic knowledge processing, which because the 1950s had been the applying of computer systems to enterprise administration

Word Processing refers back to the act of utilizing a pc to create, edit, save and print paperwork. With a view to carry out Word processing, specialized software program (often known as a Word Processor) is required.

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One instance of a Word Processor is Microsoft Word, however different Word processing purposes are additionally extensively used. Examples embrace: Microsoft Works Word Processor, Open Workplace Author, Word Excellent and Google Drive Doc.

Word Processing softwares its Types and Terminologies
Word Processing Softwares

Examples of word processor software

  • Microsoft Word
  • LibreOffice
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • AbiWord.
  • Google Docs
  • Apple iWork
  • Apple TextEdit
  • Dropbox Paper.
  • Google Docs.

Basic features and functionality of word processing?

  • Creation, editing, saving and printing of documents.
  • Copying, pasting of text.
  • Moving and deletion of text.
  • Text Formatting like font type, style, bolding, italicizing and underlining.
  • Table Creation and editing.

Working Schema of Word Processing

These applications permit customers to create all kinds of paperwork together with (Word processing cycle however actually not restricted to) stories, letters, memos, newsletters and brochures. Along with typing textual content, the Word processor means that you can add content material reminiscent of photos, tables, and charts to your paperwork in addition to ornamental gadgets together with borders and clipart.

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The modifying and formatting capabilities of the Word processor show the applying’s true energy. Textual content might be inserted, edited, moved, copied or deleted inside your doc and the looks of the textual content might be modified in quite a few methods. Most Word processors additionally give you’re the power to examine your spelling and grammar and lots of have in-built dictionaries and different instruments to help you in your writing.

The rest of this lesson will introduce you to a couple of the essential ideas and features of Word Processing after which offer you hyperlinks to tutorials which is able to help you in increasing your abilities utilizing Microsoft Word, the usual Word processing software program software at Broome Group Faculty.

Word Processing Working Terminologies


Alignment refers back to the means textual content is organized within the doc between the margins. In horizontal alignment, paragraphs of textual content might be left aligned (flush towards the left margin), proper aligned (flush towards the fitting margin), or centered (every line throughout the paragraph centered between the margins). There’s a fourth alignment choice often known as “justified”. Textual content in a justified paragraph shall be unfold evenly throughout the web page and seem as a block with textual content lining up on each the left and proper margins.


One other Word for a software program. In Word processing, the applying is a Word Processor reminiscent of Microsoft Word.

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This characteristic is used to appropriate typos and misspelled phrases. When AutoCorrect is turned on, widespread errors are routinely changed utilizing a default an inventory of phrases which might be saved within the Word processing software. The person may usually modify the record to incorporate their very own widespread misspellings.


The clipboard is a brief holding space the pc makes use of for any merchandise that has been copied or minimize. When a merchandise reminiscent of textual content is positioned on the clipboard, it could actually then be pasted elsewhere within the doc.

Gadgets will keep on the clipboard till they’re deleted or erased. The style wherein the clipboard is cleared is determined by the applying getting used. Very often, the clipboard is cleared when one other merchandise is minimizing or copied or if the applying is closed.


The method of copying will take a present merchandise in a doc and creates a reproduction in a brand-new location within the doc (and even in one other doc). When a merchandise is copied, it’s saved briefly on the clipboard ready to be pasted elsewhere.

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Cursor/ Insertion Level

The cursor (also called the insertion level) is a flashing vertical bar on the display that signifies the place entered textual content or objects shall be positioned within the doc. To position the cursor to a brand-new location in your doc, you’d transfer your mouse pointer to the brand-new location and click on the left mouse button as soon as. The flashing cursor ought to now seem within the new location and any textual content typed or object inserted shall be positioned there.


The method of reducing is used to maneuver textual content or objects in a doc. Chopping takes a present merchandise in a doc, removes it from its present location and shops it on the clipboard. The merchandise can then be pasted elsewhere within the doc (and even in one other doc) so long as it stays on the clipboard.


A Document is the file that’s created utilizing a Word processor. Paperwork can include many several types of gadgets reminiscent of textual content, photographs, tables, charts, borders and clip artwork.


Modifying is the method of creating modifications or corrections in a doc. It consists of alterations to the textual content itself, shifting or copying gadgets to different places and making use of formatting choices to the doc itself and gadgets inside it.


The footer is a space that seems on the backside of each web page in a doc that may include a number of traces of textual content. One widespread use of the footer is to insert the present web page quantity on each web page within the doc.


A font is a set of letters and numbers of 1 explicit typeface. The font consists of not solely the typeface, however different traits reminiscent of dimension, spacing and emphasis. An instance of a font can be Arial, 12 level, italic.


The method of formatting a doc includes specifying how the doc will look in its last kind on the display and when printed. Widespread formatting choices embrace the font, font dimension, coloration, alignment, spacing, margins and different properties.


The header is a space that seems on the high of each web page in a doc that may include a number of traces of textual content. One widespread use of the header is to incorporate details about the doc (such because the title) on each web page within the doc.


Highlighting (or Choosing) an object or space of textual content is usually step one to creating a change to that merchandise. When a merchandise is highlighted (or chosen) the subsequent motion (whether or not or not it’s formatting, deleting, copying, or reducing) will usually solely have an effect on that merchandise.

Gadgets are normally highlighted (chosen) utilizing the mouse by clicking within the beginning place (and holding down the mouse button) and dragging to the top of the world that you just need to choose.


The house between the margin of the web page and the textual content. Most Word processors permit for each left and proper indentation. One different widespread use of indention is what is called a “first line indent” the place solely the primary line of a paragraph is indented and the remaining traces of textual content lie straight towards the left margin of the web page.

Insertion Level / Cursor

The insertion level (also called the cursor) is a flashing vertical bar on the display that signifies the place entered textual content or objects shall be positioned within the doc. To position the insertion level to a brand-new location in your doc, you’d transfer your mouse pointer to the brand-new location and click on the left mouse button as soon as.

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The flashing insertion level ought to now seem within the new location and any textual content typed or object inserted shall be positioned there.

Panorama / Landscape

Web page orientation refers back to the means the oblong web page is turned or positioned for viewing or printing. The 2 varieties of orientation in Word processing are portrait and panorama. Portrait orientation is the place the peak of the web page is bigger than the width. Panorama orientation, alternatively, has a higher width than top (the web page is turned on its aspect).

Legal Size

The time period “Authorized” within the web page format space of a Word processing software refers back to the dimension of the paper getting used to print the doc. The size of authorized sized paper are 8.5 X 14 inches.

Letter Size

The time period “Letter” within the web page format space of a Word processing software refers back to the dimension of the paper getting used to print the doc. The size of letter sized paper are 8.5 X 11 inches.

Line Spacing: Line spacing refers back to the quantity of white house between traces of textual content in a paragraph. Generally used line spacing settings are single spaced and double spaced.


The margin is the white house between the sting of the web page and the place textual content or different gadgets might be positioned in your doc. Margin settings might be adjusted to incorporate kind of house across the fringe of the web page and left, proper, high and backside margins might be modified independently of each other.

Menu Bar

The menu bar usually seems on the high of the Word processing software’s window and accommodates a list of the primary instructions within the type of textual content. Menu gadgets which might be widespread amongst a number of purposes embrace File, Edit, View and Assist. If you click on brand-new one in all these things, extra choices seem in a drop-down menu on the display.


In a Word processing doc, a brand-new paragraph is created every time the enter key on the keyboard is pressed. A paragraph might be made up of a number of traces of textual content, a single merchandise, or nothing in any respect. Microsoft Word has a view that can present you the place every paragraph in a doc begins or ends.

Paragraph Spacing

Paragraph spacing refers back to the quantity of white house that’s left between paragraphs when they enter secret’s hit. In contrast to line spacing, paragraph spacing doesn’t have an effect on the quantity of house between traces of textual content, however as a substitute, between one paragraph and the subsequent.


After textual content or one other merchandise is minimizing or copied it’s positioned on the clipboard. The method of pasting takes the merchandise on the keyboard and locations it in present location of the insertion level.


If the web page format signifies Portrait web page orientation, the vertical fringe of the paper is bigger than the horizontal edge. Portrait orientation is the most typical orientation in Word processing. Panorama (the place the horizontal edge is bigger than the vertical edge) is the opposite choice.

Print Preview: Print Preview is a Word processing characteristic that can present you what your doc will seem like on a chunk of paper if it has been to be printed.


The rulers seem on the high and aspect of the doc throughout the Word processing window and are used to point out the place of the margins, tabs, indents, columns, rows and different gadgets which might be set for the doc.

Scroll Bars: Since many paperwork are too lengthy to suit legibly on a single pc display, vertical and horizontal scroll bars are included to let you transfer by way of the doc and alter the world of the doc that’s at present being seen on the display.

Choosing / Highlighting

Choosing (or Highlighting) an object or space of textual content is usually step one to creating a change to that merchandise. When a merchandise is chosen (or highlighted) the subsequent motion (whether or not or not it’s formatting, deleting, copying, or reducing) will usually solely have an effect on that merchandise.

Gadgets are normally chosen (or highlighted) utilizing the mouse by clicking within the beginning place (and holding down the mouse button) and dragging to the top of the world that you just need to choose.

Spelling / Grammar Checker

Most Word processing applications embrace a utility that checks for correct spelling and grammar. Relying on the applying getting used, these utilities might run routinely and warn you to errors as your kind (reminiscent of in Microsoft Word) or require you to run the utility manually.

Both means, you usually shall be given choices as your to if or to not settle for the modifications prompt by the utility. The exception to this could be if AutoCorrect is turned on and the merchandise in query seems within the AutoCorrect itemizing.


Tabs are used to regulate the position of textual content on a web page. Tab stops might be set throughout the ruler on the high of the Word processing window. Along with the placement of a tab (instance: 2 inches in from the left margin), the kind of tab can be set.

Widespread tab sorts embrace left, proper, centered and decimal. The tab kind controls how the textual content shall be aligned whether it is pressured to that tab cease. When the tab secret’s pressed on the keyboard, the cursor will transfer to the subsequent tab cease location.


A desk is a group of textual content, knowledge or different gadgets which might be organized in columns and rows.


A template is a place to begin for a doc that accommodates preliminary formatting choices, settings, colors, format and placeholders. A typical clean doc begins with the “Regular” template, however typically it’s a time saver to start with a preformatted template when making an extra superior doc (reminiscent of a brochure or flyer).

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Tool bar

A software bar consists of buttons that present a shortcut means of performing a generally used operate. There are various totally different toolbars that exist in Word processing purposes, every of which focuses on a selected subject or class.


The typeface determines the form of the letters and numbers in a doc. Widespread typeface embrace Occasions New Roman and Arial. A set of letters and numbers of 1 explicit typeface makes up a Font.


The “Undo” command can be utilized to reverse the final motion (or sequence of actions) that you’ve got carried out in a doc. When utilizing the Undo command, every merchandise should be reversed sequentially, that means that if you want to undo the motion you took 7 actions in the past, you’d first have to undo actions 1 by way of 6 as nicely.


A wizard is an interactive characteristic constructed into the Word processing software (significantly in Microsoft Word) that can stroll you step-by-step by way of a specialized course of. One instance of a Wizard included in Microsoft Word is the Mail Merge Wizard which gives help with routinely creating letters, mailing labels or envelopes from an inventory of names and addresses.

Word Processing

Word Processing refers back to the act of utilizing a pc to create, edit, save and print paperwork.

Word Wrap

Word Wrap refers back to the operate of a Word processor that can routinely drive textual content to a brand-new line when the fitting margin is reached whereas typing. Word Wrap eliminates the necessity for urgent the Enter key on the keyboard on the finish of each line. 

Advantages of word processors

  • Time saving, fastest and easiest way of writing.
  • Documents storage facility on your computer.
  • Number of formatting choices like grammar, spelling checking and language tools.
  • Printing facility for your documents.
  • Clarity of reading as compared to handwriting.


  • Expensive as everyone cannot afford a computer which is essential in using word processors
  • It Depends on power when there is a power blackout. We cannot use word processors.
  • Too many options in many processors cause difficulty for user.


Important word-processing features could be grouped into the classes of enter, manipulation, formatting, and output of textual content.

Textual content Input

Sometimes, textual content is entered into the phrase processor from a keyboard; different enter strategies embrace:

  • Copying textual content from different purposes (corresponding to from hypertext markup language [HTML] paperwork, e-mail messages, or on-line encyclopedias) and pasting it right into a word-processing doc
  • Scanning printed paperwork and utilizing optical-character-recognition (OCR) software program to transform the scanned paperwork into textual content characters
  • Utilizing voice-recognition software program to transform spoken phrases into textual content characters

Textual Content Manipulation

Textual content manipulation refers back to the “processing” a part of word processing. Phrase processors present simple strategies of deleting, inserting, copying, and shifting particular person characters, phrases, phrases, and paragraphs. Even whole pages of knowledge with just a few clicks of a mouse button or with such keyboard shortcuts as Ctrl-C to repeat. Ctrl-X to chop, and Ctrl-V to stick or insert textual content.

Textual content could be mechanically checked for spelling and for conformance to primary grammatical ideas because the textual content is entered and edited.

The find-and-replace function in a phrase processor permits the consumer to seek for each prevalence of a specific character, phrase, or phrase inside a doc and substitute it with new textual content.

Most phrase processors additionally embrace automated correction and automated formatting of widespread errors and mechanical conventions as textual content is entered from the keyboard.

For instance, generally misspelled phrases could be mechanically corrected as quickly because the misspelled phrases are entered; two areas entered after the tip of a sentence could be modified mechanically to at least one area; a lowercase letter starting a brand-new sentence could be capitalized mechanically.

Correct typographic citation marks (“good” or “curly” quote marks—” and “) and apostrophes (‘) could be inserted mechanically as an alternative of the straight typewriter-style citation marks entered from the keyboard. Fractions and different symbols could be formatted mechanically as their keyboard equivalents are entered.

For instance, when a fraction for one-half is entered as half, it’s modified to the image ½ two hyphens (––) are modified to an extended sprint (—); and (c) is modified to ©.

Textual Content Formatting

Phrase-processing software program sometimes consists of “wizards” or “assist” options to supply automated formatting of widespread enterprise paperwork. For instance, a letter wizard can help the consumer to correctly format a enterprise letter, and a résumé wizard might help the consumer format a professional-looking résumé.

Templates are one other automated formatting function. A template is a kind of pre-formatted, fill-in-the-blank doc that’s helpful for sustaining a selected format every time a doc is created, particularly when a number of word-processing operators are concerned.

A e-newsletter template, for instance, permits a consumer to entered the textual content of e-newsletter articles, headlines, and graphics without having to re-create the e-newsletter format for every concern of the e-newsletter.

Probably the most-common formatting duties are sometimes carried out by the consumer as a doc is created. Particular person character and phrase formatting consists of collection of kind dimension, kind fashion, and typeface. Measurement is measured in factors, a unit of measure wherein 72 factors make up an inch. Sometimes, 11- or 12-point kind is used for primary enterprise paperwork.

Newsletters, annual studies, and different such “designed” paperwork might use kind as small as eight or 9 factors for the essential textual content and as giant as 24, 36, or 48 factors (or extra) for fundamental titles. Kind kinds, corresponding to italics, underline, and daring, are simply chosen utilizing keyboard shortcuts or by deciding on them from the essential font menu.

Typefaces (typeface refers back to the look or design of the kind) can be found in 1000’s of sorts, together with such generally identified faces as Occasions Roman, Arial, Helvetica, and Garamond.

Paragraph formatting consists of line spacing, that means the quantity of clean area left between traces of kind (single spacing and double spacing, for instance); paragraph spacing (the quantity of clean area that precedes or follows every paragraph); justification (all traces of kind made even at each margin, or left uneven or ragged on the proper margin); and indentation (corresponding to a first-line indentation at first of every paragraph).

Web page and overall-document formatting consists of setting margins (sometimes 1-inch margins are used on the highest, backside, and each side of such primary enterprise paperwork as letters, studies, and memos).

Creating columns like these utilized in a newspaper or e-newsletter, and creating headers and footers (data such because the web page quantity or a chapter title that’s repeated on the prime or backside of every web page of a doc).

Most phrase processors additionally present particular format options for formatting outlines, tables, envelopes, and mailing labels.

Textual Content Output

As soon as textual content has been created, edited, and formatted right into a completed digital doc, it should be put into some tangible kind or lasting digital kind to be of sensible profit. That output course of often begins with the saving of the doc on the pc’s exhausting drive, a floppy disk, a CD, or a reminiscence machine corresponding to a flash drive.

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Saving the doc, actually, is an exercise that ought to happen ceaselessly in the course of the creation and modifying processes to protect in opposition to loss on account of issues corresponding to electrical-power failure, pc malfunctions, and operator error.

Printing a doc on paper is the commonest output technique; different output strategies embrace faxing a doc instantly from the phrase processor by use of a pc modem, sending the doc to a different particular person by e-mail, and changing the word-processing doc to numerous different digital codecs for on-line viewing or for eventual printing from different purposes.

For instance, word-processing paperwork are ceaselessly transformed to HTML to be used as Internet pages, to transportable doc format (PDF) records data, and to wealthy textual content format (RTF) records data to be used in different pc applications (significantly different word-processing applications).


Though most word-processing customers are likely to be taught and use primarily the essential word-processing options, quite a few more-advanced options can be found in most phrase processors to make word processing a lot simpler to finish in much less time.

Taking the time to be taught some superior word-processing options and capabilities often has a excessive payoff by way of productiveness and professionalism.

Among the more-common superior word-processing options and capabilities are described briefly under:


Types are user-created formatting instructions that permit nice management over repetitive formatting buildings inside a doc. For instance, utilizing a “fashion” for every kind of heading in a report will guarantee constant formatting of the headings and can get rid of the necessity for a consumer to manually format every heading as it’s created.

Macros and Merging

Macros are saved keystrokes, or units of modifying and formatting instructions, that may be replayed every time wanted. They can enhance productiveness and take a lot of the tedium out of repetitive word-processing duties.

Merging is the method of utilizing lists of such data as names, addresses, telephone numbers, product descriptions or mannequin numbers, and so forth to fill in designated fields or blanks in paperwork to create mass mailings, handle labels, directories, and catalogs.

Model Management

Model-control options permit a consumer to trace the assorted levels of modifying {that a} doc might cross by, together with variations created by a number of customers concerned within the creation and modifying of a doc. Associated options corresponding to the power to trace modifications made in a doc allow a number of customers to evaluation instructed doc modifications and to simply accept or reject proposed modifications.

Computerized References and Indexes

Paperwork that embraces tables of contents, cross-references, indexes, footnotes, endnotes, and captions will profit from the aptitude of a phrase processor to mechanically generate and format this stuff.

Desktop-Publishing Capabilities

Skilled-looking paperwork corresponding to newsletters, commercials, annual studies, brochures, and enterprise playing cards could be designed with most trendy word-processing software program.

Graphical pictures from clip-art collections, digital pictures, and scanned pictures, and drawings created with graphics applications, could be built-in simply into word-processing paperwork. Pages and paragraphs could be enclosed with ornamental borders. Background pictures and colors could be added to pages inside a doc.

Graphical component corresponding to traces, packing containers, arrows, and inventive textual headings could be created shortly and simply inside most word-processing applications.

Though phrase processors are usually not as subtle as desktop-publishing software program or page-layout applications of their capabilities for setting kind and for working with graphical components, they can be utilized to create engaging, professional-looking paperwork that transcend the essential format and formatting of letters, memos, and studies.

Utilizing a word-processing program to create designed paperwork is usually preferable to utilizing a high- finish desktop-publishing program, nevertheless, as a result of word-processing customers aren’t required to turn into proficient in utilizing one other program and since paperwork inside a company or division are created and maintained utilizing the identical software.