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Winter Vacation Schedule for Public and Private School

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Winter Vacation Schedule for Public and Private School in Punjab. School Education is partially modified the notification for Winter Holidays 2019 in all public and private school / educational institutes.

In New modified notification it is clearly mentioned that the winter vacation would be start from 20 December 2019 and will be end in 05 January 2020.

    Winter Vcacations Notification by SED Khanewal W.E.F 20-DEC-2019 TO 05-JAN-2020.

    Refer to the subject cited above. With reference to Notification No.SO (A-1) 1-31/2008 (copy enclosed) dated 13 December 2019 from School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab, Winter Vacations in all Public and Private Schools in Punjab will be observed with effect from 20.12.2019 to 05.01.2020. All Schools (Public and Private) shall re-open on 6″ January, 2020.

    Therefore, all the Private Schools of District Khanewal are especially directed to implement the instructions of School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab in true letter and spirit.

    Furthermore, it is clarified that all Private Schools in district Khanewal will not conduct any assessment / exam/ session /seminar or any curricular/ co-curricular activity involving students during above said winter vacation as per law under rules.

    SED Khanewal Winter Vocation Notification
    SED Khanewal Winter Vocation Notification

    In case of non-compliance of failure to comply the above said instructions, serious departmental action will be initiated against reported/ accused school.

    Its mean that the 19-12-2012 will be the last working day in all public and private schools or educational institutes and 06-01-2020 would be the first working day after winter vacations.

    In this regard Minister of Education Dr. Murad Raas is also tweeted for the verification of above said news about the winter Holidays.

    Important Directions For Winter Holidays 2019

    1. Assigning of Home work Subject wise.
    2. Cleanliness and Care of Schools
    3. Repair of Furniture
    4. Tree and Flowers Plantations
    5. Class Rooms Management
    6. School Security According SOPs of Government of Punjab
    7. Security of IT Lab, Solar Plates or Solar Panels and Science lab
    8. Station Leave
    9. Functional Mobile Phones

    پنجاب میں سرکاری اور نجی اسکول کے لئے موسم سرما کی تعطیلات کا نظام الاوقات۔ اسکول ایجوکیشن تمام سرکاری و نجی اسکولوں / تعلیمی اداروں میں موسم سرما کی تعطیلات 2019 کے نوٹیفکیشن کو جزوی طور پر تبدیل کیا گیا ہے۔

    نئی ترمیم شدہ نوٹیفکیشن میں واضح طور پر بتایا گیا ہے کہ موسم سرما کی تعطیلات 20 دسمبر 2019 سے شروع ہوں گی اور 05 جنوری 2020 کو اختتام پذیر ہوں گی۔

    اس کا مطلب یہ ہوa کہ تمام سرکاری اور نجی اسکولوں یا تعلیمی اداروں میں 2019-12-19 آخری کام کا دن ہوگا اور 2020-12-06 سرما تعطیلات کے بعد پہلا کام کا دن ہوگا۔

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