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Why Would You Spend $900 on a Luxurious Chromebook?

Chromebooks ought to no longer value $1,000. As an awful lot as I adore the Pixelbook from Google, I understand I can’t moderately ask all of us I care about to spend a minimal of $1,000 to personal it. Which potential it is additionally a fighting to reflect onconsideration on Acer’s Chromebook Spin 13, which borrows closely from the Pixelbook whilst additionally introducing welcome improvements, growing the electricity and reducing the fee via $100. This luxurious chromebook is full of fantastic ideas—but a $900 luxurious chromebook is a rattling tough sell.

And this issue is very luxurious. The construct best is some of the great I’ve viewed from a chromebook. When closed you should mistake it for a Windows machine. It’s all steel and cool to the touch. The hinges are a brilliant chrome and its huge 13.5-inch show with a wild 3:2 2256 via 1504 decision show right away catches the eye. It’s decently bright, maxing out at 372 nits in our testing, and the battery lifestyles is tremendously fantastic. In our battery test, the place we flow a YouTube video after putting the brightness to 200 nits, the Acer Chromebook Spin thirteen lasted 10 hours and 2 minutes. The Pixelbook lasted simply eight hours and 53 minutes, whilst the a great deal less expensive Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 lasted simply 7 hours and forty two minutes.

But Samsung’s tiny chromebook additionally fees $500, and the Chromebook Spin thirteen from Acer that I’ve been reviewing charges $900. That’s a lot of greater cash for a higher processor, display, and a few greater hours of battery life.

There is a more cost-effective Chromebook Spin thirteen config. The $900 unit reviewed right here has a 64GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and an 8th-Gen i5-8250U CPU from Intel that appears to kick on the followers to cool it each time I watch Netflix for greater than a few hours. Yet, for $800 you can get a greater lifelike i3-8130U, and for $700 you can get that i3-8130U with simply 4GB of RAM—maybe they’ll interact the loud followers less. They’d additionally probable be a lot greater attractive walking Chrome OS. The factor of Chrome OS machines is that they can run leaner. They don’t want large storage drives, and they don’t want a lot of RAM, and they sincerely do now not want a processor like the i5-8250U. That’d be welcome in Windows 10 or MacOS, however Chrome is supposed to be much less annoying to commence with and the i5-8250U can and need to be overkill.

A week with the Chromebook Spin thirteen confirms that too. Yes, it’s technically quicker than the Pixelbook, which makes use of a 7th-Gen Intel processor, however that more pace isn’t obvious when you’re the usage of the Chromebook Spin thirteen It doesn’t experience that a lot quicker browsing, even though in WebXPRT 2015, a artificial benchmark that ratings usual web-based duties like photo resizing and spreadsheet managing, the Acer carried out better, scoring a 540 versus the Pixelbook’s 453. Realistically, I solely see chromebooks lag when they rating below 300—like the $500 Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 (260). And even with Samsung’s a good deal slower Chromebook, the overall performance lag wasn’t awful. I by no means felt like pulling out my hair the use of it. So why would I choose to spend $400 greater for Chrome tabs that open a fraction of a 2d faster?

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Acer isn’t simply focusing on bloggers with this chromebook though. The Spin thirteen is a convertible laptop computer with a 360-degree hinge, and a neat little stylus (powered by way of Wacom tech) nestled in a storage underneath the palm rest. It’s for artists and designers as a good deal as notetakers. And the app resolution for said artists has expanded in the final two years thanks to Android app aid on Chrome OS and Google’s aggressive improvement of pen-recognition technology. Using a pen on the Spin thirteen is a a great deal nicer journey than it used to be on the unique Samsung Chromebook Pro again in early 2017.

The lag has dropped off, and the tiny stylus Acer consists of with the Spin thirteen has a high-quality little nub that makes the sensation of drawing it throughout the slick glass floor a long way extra great than on some thing like the Pixel Slate launched final month. Still, the stylus is tiny. You’re now not going to be the use of it to draw all day, or even a few hours whilst sitting on the couch. A chromebook nonetheless doesn’t make a precise case for itself for my day to day work.

Google has been framing the Pixel Slate as a more cost effective choice to the iPad, and it does a surprisingly properly job, however the Acer Chromebook Spin thirteen is some distance too heavy to be an iPad alternative. It’s 3.31 pounds! And 0.7-inches thick! It’s big. It’s powerful. It’s luxurious in a way that doesn’t mesh with Chrome OS itself.

If you choose a Chrome OS device, and for many human beings its nonetheless a incredible idea, then you must be cautious of spending extra than $500. Sure laptops like the Spin thirteen and the Pixelbook will promise beefier CPUs and higher battery existence than the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2, however there aren’t a lot of conditions in which you’ll experience that benefit. Not but at least. Fancy chromebooks exist, however no one need to purchase them, for the equal charge you can simply get a virtually pleasant Windows laptop.


  • It may be one of the quickest chromebooks ever.
  • But you will in no way observe that until you’re obsessed with artificial benchmarks.
  • The storage for the stylus is lovely.
  • The giant 13.5-inch show is lovely, however now not stunning adequate to spend this an awful lot on a Chromebook.
  • At 3.31 pounds, it’s rattling heavy.
  • If you really, certainly prefer a big, effective chromebook with a 13.5-inch 3:2 show than shop your cash and get the $700 model with the i3 processor and 4GB of RAM. It will be enough.
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