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What is the contrast among CSS and PCS/PMS?

Here you will find basic difference between CSS and PMS. CSS examination helping material. PMS test or examination material.

The government employees of Pakistan are without a doubt a standout amongst the most equipped officers of the nation in view of an extreme technique through which they pass and achieve the post. There are two kinds of tests for these administrations usually known as PCS/PMS and CSS.

For the most part, individuals are confounded and questionable about the contrast between the two due a smidgen similitudes of both of the tests.

CSS represents Central Superior Services, while PCS is the condensing of Provincial Civil Services. Also, PMS represents Provincial Management Services. The word PCC has supplanted by PMS.

A PMS officer has the obligations on the common dimension while a CSS officer is mindful to satisfy his/her obligations on the national dimension. CSS is fundamentally a bureaucratic obligation to run the non military personnel bureaucratic tasks, government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet secretariat on the national dimension.

The following is an itemized depiction of PMS and (Provincial Civil Services) and CSS (Central Superior Services).

PMS (Provincial Management Services):

This test is held each year with no fixed number of seats for the region. This number of seats fluctuates each year as indicated by the opening and prerequisites. The seats are under the direction and control of the state government and a selected wannabe can’t be exchanged to another state. Fundamentally, Ppsc is a board in charge of reporting opening for various kind of posts choosing wannabes for proclaimed posts on legitimacy choosing government employees for their individual regions (BPS-9 to BPS-20).

The noticeable posts for the applicants who pass * PMS* tests are:

  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Tehsildar
  • DDOR
  • ETO (extract and tax assessment officer)
  • Superintendent of prison
  • ASI
  • Excise auditor
  • Zakat officer

*Manger Auqaf

Top Trending

*Subject Specialist

  • Stenographer
  • Assistant
  • Lecturer

*Civil Judge

  • Legal Inspector
  • Veterinary Officer
  • MBBS Doctors
  • Teachers


CSS (Central Superior Services):

The Central Superior Services (CSS) is a lofty and first class bureaucratic expert for the common administrations. The workplaces are required to run the apparatus of government and its diverse segments.

The CSS is the test directed each year for the arrangement of common officers on the national dimension. This is the reason; it is called Central Superior Services on the grounds that the enrolled individual gets a specialist of working for the national administration of Pakistan. The passed applicant is straightforwardly selected in the compensation size of 17 and has the expert in the government offices. This test has distinctive word related segments which are given underneath:

  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan (PSP)
  • District Management Group (DMG)
  • Income Tax Group (ITG)
  • Customs and Excise Group (CEG)
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP)
  • Postal Group (PG)
  • Commerce and Trade Group (CTG)
  • Railways Group (RG)
  • Information Group (IG)
  • Military Lands and Cantonment Group (MLCG)
  • Officer Management Group (OMG)
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