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The Seven C’s for Effective Business Communication


The Seven C’s for Effective Business Communication. The message is said to be viable when the recipient comprehends a similar implying that the sender was expected to pass on. For any correspondence in business, so as to be powerful, it must have seven characteristics.

These seven properties are called seven C’s of compelling business Correspondence. (All these quality begins with the letters in order ‘C’ so are called 7 C’s)

Seven C’s of Effective Business Communication

  1. Correctness
  2. Clarity
  3. Conciseness
  4. Completeness
  5. Consideration
  6. Concreteness
  7. Courtesy


At the season of encoding, if the encoder has extensive information about the decoder of message, it makes the correspondence simplicity. The encoder should know the status, information and instructive foundation of the decoder. Rightness implies:

  • Use the correct dimension of language
  • Correct utilization of sentence structure, spelling and accentuation
  • Accuracy in expressing raw numbers
    Rightness in message helps in structure certainty.


Lucidity requests the utilization of straightforward language and simple sentence structure in making the message. At the point when there is clearness in introducing thoughts, it’s simple for the recipient/decoder to get a handle on the significance being passed on by the sender/encoder. Clearness makes perception simpler.

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The Seven C’s for Effective Business Communication


A succinct message spares time of both the sender and the collector. Succinctness, in a business message, can be accomplished by staying away from long winded articulations and redundancy.

Utilizing brief and to the point sentences, including important material makes the message compact. Accomplishing brevity does not intend to free fulfillment of message. Brevity spares time.


By fulfillment implies the message must bear all the important data to bring the reaction you want. The sender should respond to every one of the inquiries and with raw numbers. also, when attractive, go for additional subtleties.
Culmination brings the ideal reaction.


Thought requests to place oneself in the spot of recipient while forming a message. It alludes to the utilization of You mentality, accentuation positive charming certainties, imagining peruser’s issues, wants, feelings and his reaction.
Thought means comprehension of human instinct.


Being clear, distinctive and explicit instead of unclear, dark and general prompts solidness of the message. Raw numbers being exhibited in the message ought to be specif. Solidness strengthens certainty.


In business, nearly everything begins and finishes in graciousness. Obligingness implies considering recipient well as esteeming his emotions. Much can be accomplished by utilizing well mannered words and signals, being thankful, attentive, thoughtful, and appearing at the beneficiary. Civility assembles generosity.

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