Taleem Ghar E-Learning System Schedule and Content

Taleem Ghar E-Learning System Schedule and Content During COVID-19 Lockdown. School Education Department, Govt. Of the Punjab launched e-learning system as TALEEM GHAR through local cable networks for running educational activities of all the students of the public Schools.

Moreover, teachers have also contacted with the parents of the students to inform them through calls.

Govt. of the Punjab School Education Department has arranged online lectures for class 1 to 8 to be run on local cable channels from 1 April 2020.

Taleem Ghar E-Learning System
Taleem Ghar E-Learning System

Complete schedule is available on the following website: All cable operators have been directed by concerned ACs.

All AEO’s are here by directed to make announcements in all Mosques of Catchment Area of Schools regarding online Education on Cable TV Channels and will check this operation and send videos through WhatsApp of cable channels where the above lessons are ongoing as pictorial/video evidence.

“Mera Ghar Mera School”

All heads are directed to ensure the installation of “e-learn Punjab” App through play store of their android apps in the mobiles of all the teachers as well as students and also from the following link.

Download: Taleem Ghar Application Click here

These are the following features of this app.

  1. All text books including practical note books from Grade-1 to Grade-12 are available on this app.
  2. Video lectures of all the topics are available on this app.
  3. Students can attempt quiz of every topic and also check its results at the same time.
  4. The important feature of this app is that student can demonstrate the practicals at their own.

Please note that all this material can also be accessed through Google search engine.

1st Week of April Schedule for E-Learning

Taleem ghar week 1 schedule
Taleem Ghar week 1 schedule

April Week 1st Contents for Taleem Ghar E-Learning System

2nd Week of April Schedule for E-Learning.

Taleem ghar week 2 schedule
Taleem Ghar week 2 schedule

April Week 2nd Contents for Taleem Ghar E-Learning System

April Week 3rd Contents.

Taleem ghar week 3 schedule
Taleem Ghar week 3 schedule

3rd Week of April Schedule for E-Learning

April Week 4th Contents

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