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Simple Essay, Stories and paragraph for 5th and 8th class.


I have a cow/goat. It is a pet animal. It is a very useful animal. It is a domestic animal. It is found in all parts of the world. Its color is white. It is very beautiful. It has two eyes. It has two ears. It has four legs. It has two horns. It has a tail. It eats grass. We get milk from it. Its milk is useful. We eat its meat. It is very useful animal. It is found everywhere. It is gentle by nature. I like it very much.


It is a chair/table. It is my chair/table. It is made of wood. A carpenter has Made it. Its color is brown. It has four legs. It is commonly used. It is very Beautiful. It is very useful. My father bought it from the bazaar. It is not costly. Its price is 500 rupees. It is available in the market. It is very useful to me. I use it daily. I like it very much. 


I read in class 8th. My school name is GES Bahawalpur. We have a class room. It is near the headmaster’s office. It Is wide. It has two doors and six windows. It has twenty desks. It is newly Built. It has two fans. It has a whiteboard. We keep it neat and clean. It is Decorated with charts and pictures. It we like it very much.

  • MY PEN

This is a pen. It is my pen. It is new pen. I write with it. I bought it from the Bazaar. My father bought it from bazaar. Its color is blue. Its price is 50 Rupees. It has three parts. Its first part is nib, second part is holder and the Third part is cap. It is made of steel and plastic. It is very useful. I always keep It in my pocket. I use it daily. It is a very good pen. I like it very much.


Mr. Farhan is my favorite and best teacher. He is MSc M.Ed. He teaches Us science, math and English. He teaches well. He has full grip over his Subject. His lesson is full of life. His method of teaching is very nice. He is very Able and intelligent. He is very kind to his student. He is a young man about 30. He wears simple but graceful dress. He looks real scholar..


Father/mother is a blessing of Allah. He/ she is kind to us. He/ she is a doctor. He/ she is forty years old. He/ she gets up early in the morning. He/ she offers Prayer. He/ she is educated. He/ she always helps the poor. He/ she is pious. He/ she helps me in my study. I love my father / mother. I am proud of him/Her.


I have many ______ but Mr. Ali is my best _______ he is very good. He is very Noble. He is very popular among the people. He is pious. He is very gentle. He Helps the poor. He leads a very simple life. He is kind and honest man. He Gets up early in the morning. He prays five times a day. He always wears neat And clean dress. He is very kind to me. I like him very much.


He is a common person. He is found every in our country. We all know him Well. He led a very simple and poor life. His income is very small. His work is Very hard. But he knows his work well. He gets up early in the morning. He is Pious. He is kind and honest man.


Every country has a flag. It is the sign of unity. The flag shows its identity. Pakistan is our dear country. It has beautiful flag. Its color is green and white. The green color is for Muslims and white color is for Non-Muslims. It has a Crescent and a star. It is hoisted on all important buildings. We daily solute it in morning assembly. I like my flag.

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