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SED Summer Vacations 2019 in Punjab schools


SED Summer Vacations 2019 in Punjab schools. The education department has decided to start the summer vacations for all public and private schools of the province from May due to the holy month of Ramazan.

In this context, all the stakeholders indulging private schools have been taken on board. The sources said the officers of the education department conducted an important meeting regarding summer vacations in which the central body of the representatives, the private schools’ organisation were also present.

SED Summer Vacations

On this occasion, a decision was taken after the mutual consultation by the education department that the summer vacation would commence from May while two-hour summer camps could be organised in private and government schools from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

PIERA fails to regulate private institutions due to lack of clear policy.

SED Summer Vacations 2019 in Punjab schools SED Punjab
SED Summer Vacation

However, the decision of organizing summer camp has been linked to the parents’ consent.

According to sources, official notification would be issued in this regard. The department also warned that if any private school tried to manipulate the schedule of summer vacation, it would be sealed. The decision of commencing summer vacations from May has been taken due to the month of Ramazan.

For the past few years, schools were closed down for the summer from June 1. However, as the start of the month of fasting and intense hot weather in the province, the authorities decided to start the summer vacation.

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