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SED School Reopening Timing and Classes Schedule.

SED School Reopening Timing and Classes Schedule. School education department has announced SOPs regarding save reopening of schools as well as updated timing of classes. All public and private schools in Pakistan will observe the announced SOPs regrading SED School Reopening Timing after corona pandemic days.

Minutes of Meeting

in pursuance of the Secretary. School Education Department directions issued during Progress Review meeting dated 25.08.2020. a follow up meeting with all District Officer and ADs was convened on 25.08.2020 with on objective that a plan has to be made for safe opening of schools avoiding overcrowding and ensuring social distancing amid Covid-19, keeping in view local environment ground realities, rural and urban dynamics.

SED School Opening Timing and Classes schedule
SED School Opening Timing and Classes schedule

Proper utilization of available resources both in terms of infrastructure class rooms halls. school ground, libraries. laboratories etc.) and human assets (enrollment of students and staff strength. The suggestions / comments and views of field formations were also invited regarding class timing / days. avoidance of overcrowding and following SOPs for prevention of Covid-19 as per directions of School Education Department.

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The following proposals were deliberated so that the District Plan could be crystallized and submitted to the School Education Department.

Instructions of SED School Reopening Timing and Classes Schedule.

  1. Overcrowding shall be avoided and safe social distancing be ensured at main gate of the schools and in the premises particularly in the morning and at the closing hours.
  2. No morning assembly, Recess and / or tuck shop shall be allowed.
  3. In Primary school, there will be only three classes at a time from class 3rd to class 5th on Monday to Wednesday and class Nursery, 1st and 2nd from Thursday to Saturday.
  4. In Elementary Schools, there will be 04 classes i.e. from 5th to 8th on Monday to Wednesday and 5th classes Le. Nursery to class 4 on Thursday to Saturday.
  5. Timing of the Primary and Elementary School will be 04 hour a day from 08 a.m. to 12 p.m. for students. However, the staff will observe the school timings as per Govt. instructions.
  6. In High Schools. the primary and elementary section will operate as per above instructions.
  7. The class 10th of high section will function on Monday to Wednesday and 9th class from Thursday to Saturday 06 hour a day from 08 a.m. to 02 pm.
  8. The primary, elementary and high section of Higher Secondary Schools will observe the instructions mentioned above. Whereas. the class 1st years and 2nd years will remain functional full week.
  9. The Heads may adjust the time table of the classes according to their needs within notified school timing.
  10. The Heads / administrative field officer are encouraged to give any further suggestions / recommendations regarding safe reopening of schools and safety of students & staff which may be used tar safe sitting of students.
  11. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the Chair.

Download : Download SED EBooks for Primary to H.Secondary Classes

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