SED Clean Green Pakistan Campaign Launched in Schools

SED Clean Green Pakistan Campaign Launched in Schools. Government has launched “Clean Green Pakistan” campaign to keep the people of Pakistan clean. An index of indicators has been designed for this.

These indicators have to be followed on regular basis and the pictorial evidence of the same is to be uploaded to the application daily. All heads of the schools are directed to arrange /manage/ adhere the following on priority basis for SED Clean Green:

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clean green Pakistan
SED Clean Green Pakistan Campaign

1. Appoint one of your vigilant teacher / IT Teacher as “Focal Person” for this activity.

2. Clean Green Pakistan Application is available and can be downloaded easily from the “Play Store” of any Android Phone.

3. Take Pictures of the activity performed under Clean Green Pakistan and upload them on the application on daily basis.

4. Any Activity either it is “Tree Plantation” or “Cleaning the Floors” or “Sweeping the Ground or Rooms” or “cleaning the area for anti-dengue campaign” will be termed as Clean Green Pakistan. Shoot it in three steps:-

1. The situation before the activity –   BEFORE
2. The situation during the activity –  DURING
3. The situation after the activity    –   AFTER

All these pictures are to be shared in the Application immediately after the performance of the activity.

5. Presentation with the worthy Deputy Commissioner. Gujranwala is hereby shared along with the other correspondence done or made in this regard so far.

6. Take a Print of all these and prepare a file so that it may be shown to the visitors of your school with pictorial evidences.

User Dashboard/ National Portal

Different kind of end users (Volunteers, School Colleges Ambassadors and Government Institutions).

Enrolled through this system having unique id and password – Login using Mobile Application or  Web Application.

Different functionalities and operations including Programs , Profile , Statistics , Media , Feedback – The user upload statistics, videos, messages and follow up on the progress.

Generate periodic reports with updates for progress made different cities and institutions- Periodic updates of cities ranking followed by institutional rankings in next phases.

Download CGPI Complete File by Clicking below

SED Clean Green Pakistan Campaign

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