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LND Latest Booklet Updated LND Material

LND Latest Booklet Updated LND Material. LND stands for Literacy and Numeracy Drive. Through this you will get latest LND booklet and updated material for the this year. LND is a tablet based test for the class in every school of Punjab Government.

This test held in every month with help of DMO’s monitoring and evaluation authority. in every district of Punjab Province.

Here you will get all kind of material for the preparation of monthly LND test for your class. followings are some glimpse of LND booklet you can download the complete booklet by pressing the download button at the end of glimpses.

Picture recognition in LND test

LND Latest Booklet
Picture Recognition

How to use helping verb in LND test

LND Latest Booklet Helping verb
Helping verb

How to use has and have in LND test

Use of has have
Use of has have

Comprehension Preparation in LND test


How to use is,am,are in LND test

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use of is,am,are
Use of is,am,are

School Education Department (SED) Punjab has updated the LND SOP’s for MEA in LITNUM Monitoring Indicators. Now Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant -MEA will come to school and check classes and teachers according to updated SOP’s of monitoring.

for updated LND Learning Material and SLO please click on the link given below.

Click Here

Now when MEA – Monitoring and evaluation assistant will come, He will conduct test in the following way mentioned below. SED has provided NEW LND Booklet.

There are also many changes take place in New LND booklet. New LND Booklet covers almost all areas of monitoring and LND Test.

Class Room Preparation For Monitoring and LND Test.

Following steps would be necessary for LND test and Monitoring for Class-3.

1. Are the lesson plans available for LITNUM in the classroom?
2. LITNUM Hour routine is displayed in the classroom?
3. Story / poems mentioned in the lesson plan available in the class?
4. Are key words displayed for English/Urdu/Math in the classroom?

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