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E-Transfer List of Teachers Applied for other School

E-Transfer List of Teachers Applied for other School. Get List of Public School Teachers applied for Transfer through new E-Transfer policy with the help of SIS Application.

Here you can find complete list of teachers District wise, Tehsil wise, Markiz wise and school wise.

You can also find total applicant applied for your school. You can also get complete details of applicants for transfer.

    Complete Procedure to find Applications for your School.

    First of all you have to click on the link given at the end of page.
    This following page will be open.

    E-Transfer List of Teachers Applied for other School
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    1. Click on the Transfer Menu/Option
    2. From the Dropdown option Select your required wing
      ( All Wings, Male wing, Female Wing)
    3. In District Dropdown Select your desired District
    4. Then From Tehsil Dropdown Select your desired Tehsil
    5. Select your required Markez
    6. After complete all above mention options at the end you have to select your school.

    At the end of this complete procedure you will get a list of teachers that have applied for your school vacant posts.

    You can also find merit of Different different teachers applied for different and same post of a specific school.

    Click Here To Get List Of Teachers Applied for Your School

    These informations are public and everyone can see them.

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