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Lesson Planing for SED Grade 3 English| Action Verbs

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Get Latest SED Lesson Plans – Grade 3 English Topic Action Verbs. Teachers of all Grades can find the complete procedure that How to write a lesson plan? How to cover all aspects of a lesson plan according to new criteria of grade 3.

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Teacher can download lesson plan methodology. What are main points for writing of a lesson plan. Complete procedure of writing a lesson plan is given below.

grade 3 lesson plan
Grade 3 lesson plan

GRADE 03 LESSON PLAN School Education Department

LESSON PLAN Class: 3 Subject: English Unit: 25 Topic: Action


Student will be able to: Recognize doing words as verbs. Use action verbs in speech and writing.

A/V Aids:

Boards, chalks / makers, charts textbook, paper chits with action words written (write the action words on the chits before going to the classroom).


Activity based teaching

Prior Knowledge

✓ Revise the concept of action verbs. The students have already done action verbs in class two. (see information for teachers above, for verbs / action words).

✓ Tell the class that they will pay a game now. Divide the class into town teams: “Team A” and “ Team B”. Call the students turn by turns from both teams. Encourage different students to come forwards from each team on each turn.


✓ Begin the lesson by clapping your hands. Ask the whole class: what am I doing? The students ma answer: “Clapping”.

✓ Encourage students to give answer in a complete sentence: “You are clapping”.

✓ Ask the students: “is clapping a naming word/noun or an action word/verb?

✓ If students give the correct answer (action word / verb), encourage them by saying “ well done!” or “Good!”.

✓ If students give incorrect answer (naming word /noun), tell them that “Clapping” is an action word/verb.


• You Divide the class into group.
• Provide each group one action verbs from the introduction activity.
• Tell the pairs, that one students has to make a question using the action verb. The other students will answer the questions.

  • Demonstrate with an example (Verb: Jumping, Student A says: “Why are you Jumping?” Student B Says: “ I am jumping because I am happy”).
  • Give clear instruction. Tell the Paris that they have 5 minutes to prepare. Repeat instructions if necessary.
  •  After 5 minutes ask each pair to say their dialogues.


  • Review the lesson by asking the students questions: what are action verb? Ask students to give a few examples of action verb.


Assess student’s understanding of action verbs through their correct responses.

Appreciate students on correct answer.

9. Home Work:

a) Give five action verb on the board. Ask the students to use them in their own sentences. Give this activity as homework. Sample action words are given that the end of this plan. You can either give the same verbs to the students or change them.

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