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Inorganic Chemistry BSc Paper-A Important Questions 2019

All Subjects Important Questions for BZU Multan Annual Examination 2019. Here you can also find Important Question of BSc Chemistry for annual examination, Important Question of BSc Physics for annual examination, Important Guess of BSc Economics for annual examination, Important Question of BA English for annual examination, Important Guess of BA BSC Punjabi.

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Important Question of Inorganic Chemistry

  • Classification of elements based upon electronic configuration
  • Ionization energy
  • Electrode potential & Electro-Chemical series application
  • Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion VSEPR theory.
  • Atomic orbital hybridization
  • Magnetic behavior of O2 molecule on basis of molecular orbital theory
  • Lewis concept acids & bases
  • Soft & hard acid base (SHAB) concept application
  • Buffer solutions
  • Common Ion effect
  • Boranes
  • Allotropy
  • Structure & properties of allotropic form carbon
  • Uses of Silicone properties
  • Preparation urea & Super Phosphate fertilizers
  • Th-Ionic Acids use hypo photography
  • Manufacture H2SO4
  • Anomalous behaviour fluorine
  • Inter halogen compounds of chlorine
  • Preparation of XEF2, XEF4,XEF6
  • Uses of noble gases.
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