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Important Orders issued by DEO (SE) Khanewal

Honorable Head Teachers
As you know monitoring Indicators has been changed so must ensure

More than 50% of of your school’s NSB funds of FY 2018-19 must be utilised

Cash book and SIS app NSB remaining balance must be same

School information updated on SIS app and provided to MEA must be same

LND target is 82%

Students attendence target is 92%

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Ensure 100% Cleanliness of building, classrooms, grounds and toilet block

Ensure soap and towel at each hand washing facility in your school

Head Teacher will collect cell phones of all staff in morning assembly and return to staff after off

Ensure no class must be sitting outside if classroom is available

No unwanted grass, plantation or stagnant must be present

Orders issued by DEO (SE) Khanewal

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