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How to implements Item Listener in java Frams

How to implements Item Listener in java Frams. Here you will learn that how can we implement implements Item Listener in java Frams using AWT classes. Here is a complete java program that will show you that how we can apply ItemListener in java.

You can say that this complied java program will teach you that how you can create a frame or window in java that is looking like you are are creating a paint window.
Its means that you are developing a program to create a paint programe after some changing.

How to implements Item Listener in java Frams

import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.*;
class myframe extends Frame implements ItemListener
    Checkbox redchk,greenchk;
     CheckboxGroup grp;
     TextField txt;
   super(“Show the selected”);
   setBackground(new Color(245,25,25));
   addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter()
                 public void windowClosing(WindowEvent we)

grp=new CheckboxGroup();

redchk=new Checkbox(“red”,grp,true);

        greenchk=new Checkbox(“green”,grp,false);

          txt=new TextField(30);        


   public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent ie)
         if (ie.getSource()==redchk)
              txt.setText(“Red Selected (By Kaleem)”);
                txt.setText(“Green Selected(By Kaleem)”);

class sajjad
  public static void main(String str[])
   myframe f=new myframe();

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