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How many parts of letter or different parts of letter. Short letter writing for primary, Middle and Higher classes.

In this section we will discuss that how we can prepare our student of primary, middle and higher classes about learning of different part of letters. we can teaches them that what are main parts of letters and how we they can learn them properly and easily.

There are four main parts of a letter that are given below with details.

1. Address and Date
Examination Hall,
City ABC,
March 9, 2019.

2. Salutation
Dear Father, Dear Mother, Dear Brother, Dear Sister, Dear Friend,

3. Body of Letter

4. Ending

Your loving son,
Your loving brother,
Your loving sister,
Your loving friend,
Your loving nephew,
Your loving niece,

1. Letter to father asking him to send money

Examination Hall,
City ABC,
January 21, 2016/21st January 2016.

My dear Father,

Assalam-o-Aleikum! I received your latter yesterday. You will glad to know that I have passed my exams. I need money for new books. Kindly send me rupees 1000 by money order.

Your loving son,

2. Letter to father/mother about studies

I received your letter yesterday. You have asked about my studies. I was on the top in the test. I am working hard to achieve high marks. Kindly pray for my success.

3. Letter to younger brother/sister congratulate him/her on success

I am glad to know about your success in your exam. You got more than 90% in your exams. I congratulate you on your success. I advise you to keep this in future. With best wishes.

4. Letter to uncle/brother/sister/friend thanking him for a gift

I have received the gift you sent to me on my birthday. Many thanks to you. This is a beautiful watch. Thank you again.

5. Letter to friend congratulate him on his sister marriage

I have received the card regarding the marriage of your sister. I congratulate you on this occasion.
I try my best to come and attend this ceremony.

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6. Letter to friend condoling the death of his mother

I heard the news of the death of your mother. She was very kind to me.
I cannot forget her love.
May her soul rest in peace.

7. Letter to mother/father asking about his/her illness

I have come to know that you are suffering from fever. I really worried about you. I pray to Allah Almighty for your early recovery.

8. Letter to Friend to spend holidays with you

Your letter came to hand. Your school would close for spring holidays next week. I request you to spend the holidays with me.

9. Letter to your Mother/Father/Brother/Sister about your result

My result was announced yesterday. I have passed the examination. It is all due to your prayers. Need your prayers.

10. Letter to your friend to invite him on your birthday

You will be glad to know that my birthday falls on 23 November and this time I strongly desire that you come at home. Do reach in time.

11. Letter to friend to lend a camera

Our family is going to Murree for a week. I want to keep it in memory by photography. Kindly lend me your for a week. I shall keep it with great care. Salam to all at home.

12. Letter to friend who got accident

From Omer’s letter I came to know that you was hit by a car. I am really worried about you. Kindly tell me about your present condition.

13. Letter to brother/friend advise him to work hard

Kind letter from your teacher received yesterday. I am shocked to read it. You are not taking interest in your studies. My dear work hard otherwise you will fail in your exams.

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