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France Eiffel Scholarships for International Students

France Eiffel Scholarships for International Students. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in France. The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program was created by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to help French higher education institutions attract top international students to their master’s and doctoral programmes.

It provides opportunities for future foreign decision-makers in the corporate and governmental sectors in key fields of study, and promotes master’s level applications from developing nations up to 25 years old, and PhD level applicants from developing and industrialised countries up to 30 years old.


Universities and Academic Institutions in France

Studying Level

In collaboration with a partner university overseas, complete a master’s degree programme, an engineering programme, or a joint doctorate programme (joint supervision of dissertation and/or dual degree).

France Eiffel Scholarships for International Students
France Eiffel Scholarships for International Students

Study Subject

The following 7 subjects of study for the Master’s and Doctorate components are covered by two primary academic fields affected by the Eiffel scholarships:

  • Biology and Health
  • Ecological Change
  • Mathematics and Digital
  • Science and Engineering
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • French History Language and Civilization
  • Law and Political Science
  • Economics Management

Targeted Students

International students are the target audience.

Scholarship Worth, Benefits and Duration

The Eiffel scholarship, which can be given for 12-36 months and contains a monthly income of €1,181, is for Master’s level study. The Eiffel scholarship comprises a monthly payment of €1,700 for PhD study and is offered for a maximum of 12 months.

Furthermore, the programme covers a variety of costs, including international flights, rail travel within France, local transportation, health insurance, and cultural events. Under some circumstances, scholarship recipients may be eligible for an extra housing allowance.

The Eiffel Program does not cover tuition costs. The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs wants educational institutions, whose worldwide impact is bolstered by this initiative, to ensure that students receive the greatest possible financial assistance. As beneficiaries of French government scholarships, students enrolled to public educational institutions are exempt from enrolling costs.

Eligibility Criteria


This programme is only open to candidates who are not French citizens. Candidates having two nationalities are ineligible, one of which must be French.


Candidates for master’s level positions must be 25 years old or younger at the time of the 2022 application campaign, i.e., born after March 31, 1996. Candidates for the PhD level must be at least 30 years old by 2022; that is, they must have been born after March 31, 1991.

Top Trending

Application sources

Only applications from French educational institutions are accepted. These institutions promise to enrol scholarship recipients in the course for which they were chosen. Applications submitted in any other way will be rejected. In addition, any candidate who is nominated by more than one organisation will be rejected.

Courses of study

Eiffel Program scholarships are available to students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in France (including at a school of engineering) or pursuing a PhD degree. Only French government-approved programmes are eligible. The Eiffel Program is not applicable to French-run programmes in other countries, nor to apprenticeship or professional training contracts.

Scholarship Conflicts

Applications from students who have previously been given another French government scholarship at the time of application will be rejected, even if the prior scholarship solely included health insurance.

Master’s Component

An application nominating a student who was previously rejected in a competition will be denied, regardless of whether the application was presented by a new school or in a different field of study. Students who have previously obtained an Eiffel master’s scholarship are ineligible for another master’s level scholarship.

Doctoral Component

Institutions may recommend a candidate for a doctorate scholarship who has already been awarded a master’s scholarship. Candidates who have already received a doctorate scholarship are not eligible for another.

Even if the application was filed by a different school or in a different field of study, submissions proposing a candidate who was previously rejected in a competition will not be accepted.

Language proficiency

When preselecting non-French-speaking candidates, schools must guarantee that their language abilities fulfil the academic program’s standards.

The Geographic Location

Candidates who are currently enrolled in a Master’s programme in France are disqualified. Students enrolling in academic programmes outside of France get preference over students currently in France at the PhD level.

Application Procedure

We do not accept applications directly from students. EIFFEL scholarship applications are submitted by French Higher Education Institutions. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must apply and satisfy the conditions of the French Higher Education Institution. Ineligible applications will be those submitted directly by students or by foreign institutions.

The deadline for applying to participating French institutions is early, in November or December 2021. The deadline for Campus France applications is January 7, 2022.

To access the online application form and comprehensive information on how to apply for this scholarship, read the 2022 Eiffel Programme Guide and go to the official website (link below).

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