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Fitbit Luxe review: A tiny tracker that’s each effortless and challenging on the eyes

I requested you to envision a health tracker on a random person’s wrist, what would your imaginary wearable seem to be like? For years, they’ve mostly appeared the identical — plastic or steel rectangles connected to some commonplace silicone or nylon strap.

Fitbit likes to say its wearables resemble jewelry. But it’s hard to make a health tracker that without a doubt appears like rings and does the entirety from logging your steps, sleep and exercises to telling you to breathe and relax. The employer tried its hand at a fashionable health band in 2016 with the Alta, however that system used to be simply a barely narrower Charge with a finicky display and has for the reason that been discontinued. With the Luxe, Fitbit is singing a acquainted tune, as soon as once more promising a “fashion-forward health and health tracker… in an easily sublime bracelet design.”

Tiny display screen is challenging to read

Design aside, the Luxe packs nearly the whole thing you’d desire from a health band: a coronary heart charge sensor, oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, sleep tracking, water resistance and simple syncing with your phone. At $150, this ought to be a outstanding choice for these searching for a easy no-frills tracker that stands out from the crowd.


Fitbit’s preceding claims about how fashionable and elegant their trackers are have been questionable. They’re all simply rectangular blocks with few minor variations. When saying the Luxe, the organisation painstakingly distinct how it crafted the Luxe’s case, announcing the device’s “breakthrough graph has a soft, mild form stimulated via the human physique that sits gently on your wrist with a jewelry-like seem and feel.”

It used strategies like metallic injection molding to make the stainless metal case, “providing the heat predicted of handcrafted jewelry, all whilst turning in a degree of precision wanted to allow its advanced sensor technology.” After throwing in a few dozen mentions of how based the Luxe is, the organisation ends up calling this “one of Fitbit’s most elegant and cosy gadgets yet.”

Co-founder James Park stated “We’ve made foremost technological developments with Luxe, developing a smaller, slimmer, fantastically designed tracker packed with superior elements – some that have been formerly solely accessible with our smartwatches.” Meaning that Fitbit was once capable to squeeze superior elements into the teeny tiny physique of the Luxe, which is about as large as my index finger and simply 1.43 inches long. It’s certainly very small and thin, with a profile of 0.4 inches. That’s about as thick as the Apple Watch SE, however about a 1/3 of the width. It’s additionally about three quarters as huge as a Fitbit Charge 4, and a hair thinner.

So yes, the Luxe is a dainty little thing, which is best for human beings like me who have small wrists. The stainless metal case itself is barely curved alongside the edges, making it much less blockish than the Charge four and the Alta. But the strap you pick out can make all the difference. When paired with the silicone alternative you get in the box, the Luxe nevertheless appears kinda basic. Swap it out for, say, the Gold Mesh model that Fitbit additionally despatched me, and voila! Instant fashion elevation.

Slight off attitude view of the Fitbit Luxe with a mild red silicone band on a wrist in opposition to a darkish brown heritage with some greenery. The display screen indicates the time is 6:30pm.

That’s nice, however you may want to make most different health trackers appear beautiful by using swapping in a enormously band. Where the Luxe stands out is in its dainty measurement and slender width, and that’s accurate information for these of us who choose some thing smaller. The introduced bonus of the Luxe’s footprint is that it in no way obtained in the way when I was once typing or performing a handstand.

The horrific aspect about the Luxe’s measurement is that its display screen is correspondingly small. This is a 0.76-inch AMOLED panel going for walks at a 124 x 206 resolution. It’s surrounded by using a thick bezel, which is likely hiding all the Luxe’s sensors. But this makes matters like your exercise stats very tough to read. The display screen itself is crisp, brilliant and colorful. But if you have hassle studying tiny text, you may want a greater device. Fitbit advised that an replace is coming quickly that will encompass large text, even though we nonetheless don’t recognize the precise timeline nor how this will seem to be when it rolls out.

Navigation and in use

Like the Charge four and Sense smartwatch, the Luxe has no physical buttons. But in contrast to the different two, this tracker doesn’t even have an inductive stable kingdom sensor that detects stress to trigger an action. The solely way you’ll be interacting with the Luxe is thru its touchscreen. Thankfully, Fitbit makes use of a general one right here rather of its fake touchscreen that you had to forcefully jab for it to become aware of a tap. With the Luxe, you can swipe and faucet on the display simply like on any smartwatch, albeit with a very rudimentary OS.

Top Trending

The Fitbit Luxe with a mild purple silicone band on a wrist leaning on a moist railing. The display is off.

Swiping up from the primary display suggests your every day growth and battery percentage, whilst dragging down lets you get right of entry to Settings and allow Do Not Disturb, Sleep or Water Lock modes. Swiping sideways brings you via Notifications, Exercise, Relax (guided breathing), Alarms and Timers. You can scroll vertically on every of these sections to get to extra functions. Double faucet the pinnacle of the display to go returned (or swipe right). That’s it.

For greater customization, like rearranging your preferred workout routines in Exercise, you’ll want to go to the Fitbit app on your phone. By default, you’ll locate Walk, Run, Bike, Swim, Treadmill and Workout (a catch-all for nearly the whole lot else) here. When you’re exercising, the Luxe will exhibit your energy burned, time elapsed, coronary heart charge and, the place relevant, tempo or miles covered. That’s some distance much less data than you’ll see at a look on a higher screen, however that’s the sacrifice you make for a smaller tracker. You can swipe up to see extra things, like a pause button, however that’s about it.

As you’re working out, too, Fitbit will exhibit your cardio region under your coronary heart rate, with labels like “fat burn” and “peak.” This is beneficial information, however again, this is so tiny. I have first rate eyesight and even I struggled barely to study it (and it obtained more difficult when I used to be waving my hands about as I ran).

The Fitbit Luxe with a mild purple silicone band on a wrist in opposition to a concrete grey background. The display screen suggests a run being tracked with a tempo of 26:00 and 0.01 miles traveled.

Cramped display screen aside, the Luxe behaves like most different fundamental Fitbit trackers. Though notifications are tedious to read, it’s great that you can ship a rapid pre-set reply or emoji from your wrist. The machine will additionally buzz when you’ve been idle too long, or when you’ve done your focused lively minutes. When you elevate your wrist, the display screen wakes up to exhibit you the time (in luckily giant font). If you put on the band to sleep, it’ll use your coronary heart charge to notice what sleep zones you’re in, and after three nights it’ll inform you matters like your resting coronary heart rate. If you’ve been running, walking, swimming or biking (or more) for at least 15 minutes, the Luxe will mechanically notice and file your activity. You can exchange that minimal time requirement to some thing else by way of the app, too. Unlike the Charge 4, though, the Luxe doesn’t have onboard GPS and will want to join to your cellphone to map your out of doors runs.

Something that’s new due to the fact that Google performed its acquisition of Fitbit is the introduction of Fast Pair, which works with Android devices. This made putting the Luxe up and syncing it to my Pixel 4a a breeze. I charged up the Luxe, and a window popped up on all my Pixel evaluate devices asking if I desired to join to the tracker. I tapped sure and earlier than I knew it, I used to be going via the welcome pages due to the fact that I already had the Fitbit app installed. This is lots less complicated than the historic approach of first opening the app, hitting the Add New Device button and then ready with no end in sight for my telephone to discover the wearable.

There are some different features that the Luxe offers, however solely if you pay the greater $10 a month for Fitbit Premium. The employer is throwing in six months free with each and every purchase, and that receives you extra perception like your activity, coronary heart fee and sleep trends. It’ll additionally liberate month-long and year-long reviews on your wellness, particular breakdowns on your sleep and stress, as properly as guided workouts, mindfulness and diet programs. Without the subscription, most humans ought to discover the simple information the Luxe gathers is sufficient. But these who are eager on getting to know about their lengthy time period fitness traits would possibly gain from Premium.

Battery life

Front view of the Fitbit Luxe with a gold mesh bracelet on a patterned blue and white background. Its display indicates a calendar notification for an tournament from 5:30pm to 7pm.

Fitbit guarantees the Luxe will ultimate up to 5 days and I absolutely went a full week of checking out the gadget earlier than it conked out. That’s with monitoring multiple exercise periods each and every different day, although I didn’t put on the band to sleep most nights. If you preserve the Luxe on when you go to bed, and additionally join it to your phone’s GPS a lot, your runtime will possibly be shorter.


The most superb aspect about the Fitbit Luxe isn’t its style; it’s its size. The reality that this little machine can do so a good deal is noteworthy, and these with smaller wrists will like the way it fits. But its measurement is additionally one of its drawbacks — its tiny display screen makes matters challenging to read. Still, for $150, the Luxe is a well-made and succesful health tracker that can tune notably a lot everything. If you’re searching for a easy pastime band that’s smaller than most, this will serve you well. At least, as lengthy as you have near-perfect vision.

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