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English Lesson Plan 2| Grade 3| Vowel letters Sound (Long & Short)

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Download Latest SED Lesson Plans – Grade 3 English, Topic Vowel letters Sound (Long & Short). Teachers of School Education department can get upto date knowledge about lesson plan writing. Key Features of English lesson plan writing.

grade 3 lesson plan
Grade 3 lesson plan

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How to Write a Lesson Plan for Primary Classes?

School Education Department
Class: 3 Subject: English Unit: 2
Topic: Vowel letters Sound (Long & Short) Duration: 40 Mints.


Student will be able to:

  •  Identify and differentiable between vowel letters and sounds.
  • Pronounce long and shirt vowel sounds in minimal pairs.

A/V Aids.

Chalk , blackboard, big cut-outs of the long and shirt vowel sounds made of card paper (sample of sounds is attached with the plan. You must not cut this out from here, but make your own based on the sample.

Practice exercise chart of short vowel.


Activity based learning .

Prior Knowledge

Knowledge of alphabets.


• Introduce the vowels: write vowels a,e,i,o,u on the blackboard.
• Inform students that there are five vowels in English language with which we add “an” if the word starts with vowel letter or sound.

• Recall the sound of letters like this: letter ‘a’ is pronounced as in apple, ‘e’ is pronounced as in egg, ‘I’ as in ink, ‘o’ as in orange and ‘u’ as in umbrella.

Activity 1:

• Display the short vowel exercise chart on the board.
• Read the words to the students.
• Make students practice to pronouns words by chanting / reading aloud.

Short Vowels Sounds:

A is for ambulance, ant, apricot actor.
A as in apple, not ay
E is for exiting endings and extra eggs for everyone
E as in egg, not ee

I is for itchy insects inside an inkpot
I as ink, not eye
O is for the old octopus eating an orange
O as in ox, not oh

U is for underneath unusual umbrellas
U as in up, not you

Activity 2:

Name:______________________ Date:_____________

1. Lit – light read – red sign – sang
2. Bed – bad saw – sought boot – boat
3. Know – now let – lit leak – lick


✓ Continue to recite the short vowel sound and long vowel sound poems with the students at regular intervals.

✓ Write on short and one lone vowel sound word for ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’ and also add ‘a’ or ‘an’ to it. Memories the activity sheet on minimal pairs.

Long Vowel sounds: Short Vowel Sounds

A cake an apple
A meeting an egg
A tie an inkpot
A coat an orange
A blue pen an umbrella


1. Write a few long vowel and short vowel words on the boards.
2. Ask different these words and add more words in these words.
3. Involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit / chapter.

Home Work

Solve the activities of text-book .

Download Lesson Plan for SED Grade 3 English| Action Verbs
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