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English Guess FSc Part-1 Important Question

English Guess FSc Part-1 Important Question. Get Updated English Guess for FSc Part 1 annual examination 2019. Important Plays for FSc part 1, Important Short Questions.

Important Poems For Stanza Explanation & Questions, Important letters for Intermediate Part 1, Important Applications, Important Stories and as well as
Translate From English Into Urdu.

Important Plays

  • Plays 1
  • Plays 2

Important Poems For Stanza Explanation & Questions.

  • Poem 1
  • Poem 2
  • Poem 3
  • Poem 4
  • Poem 5
  • Poem 6
  • Poem 8
  • Poem 11
  • Poem 13
  • Poem 14
  • Poem 16
  • Poem 19

Important Letters

  • To Father For Telling The Causes Of Failure.
  • To Friend For Condoling The Death Of His Mother.
  • To Farther Increase Monthly Allowance.
  • To Mother/ Father Why You Dislike Hostel Life.
  • To Friend/Brother/Sister Congratulate For Success In Exams.
  • To Mother/Father Who Is Worried About Your Health.

Important Applications

  • Application For Sick Leave.
  • Application For Re-Admission.
  • Application For Grant Scholarship.
  • Application For Change Of Subject.
  • Application For College Leaving Certificate.
  • Application For Character Certificate.
  • Application For Fee Concession/Remission Of Fine.

Important Stories

  • Slave & Lion (Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded/Do Good Have Good)
  • Farmer & His Sons (Union Is Strength/United You Stand Divided You Fall).
  • Woodcutter & Angel (Honesty Is Best Policy)
  • Foolish Stage (Pride Hath Fall/All That Glitters Is Not Gold)
  • Three Friends & Bag Of Gold ( Greed Is Curse/ As You Sow So Shall You Reap/ One Who Digs A Pit For Others Falls Himself Into It)
  • Two Friends & Bear (A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed)
  • King & Spider (Try Try Again).

Book 1 Stories

Chapter No : 1
QUESTION NO : 1,2,3,5,7.

Chapter No : 2
QUESTION NO : 1,2,3,6,7,8,9.

Chapter No : 3
QUESTION NO : 1,3,4,7,8.

Chapter No : 4
QUESTION NO : 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Chapter No : 5
QUESTION NO : 1,3,4,6.

Chapter No : 6
QUESTION NO : 2,5,7,8,10.

Chapter No : 7
QUESTION NO : 1,2,4,5,7.

Chapter No : 8
QUESTION NO : 1,3,4.

Chapter No : 9
QUESTION NO : 2,3,4,6,9,10.

Chapter No : 10
QUESTION NO : 2,4,6,7,8,9.

Chapter No : 11
QUESTION NO : 1,2,3,4,6.

Chapter No : 12
QUESTION NO : 1,2,4,5,7,10.

Top Trending

Chapter No : 13
QUESTION NO : 1,2,4,5,8.

Chapter No : 14
QUESTION NO : 1,2,3,6.

Chapter No : 15
QUESTION NO : 1,3,5.

Translate From English Into Urdu

  • The Package Was Laying…… Mr. Steward Will Call You At 8.00 P.M.
  • They Went Into The Living Room…. You Will Receive A Payment Of $50,000.
  • The Package Was Laying By The Front Door……She’d Throw It In The Morning.
  • I’m Just Saying……All This Furor Over A Meaningless Button.
  • She Felt Unreal As The Voice Informed……She Couldn’t see How It Was Put Together.
  • This Is The Way Jess……That’s Why I Remember This Mountain.
  • Oh No No He Said As He Began…….Hard & Soft Wood Trees.
  • That Brings Back Something To Me…..In The Heart Of Wilderness Right On The Mountain Top.

Chapter No : 2
Page No : 13, 1

Chapter No : 3
Page No : 18, 1st Half

  • Nonsense! ….. David Looked At His Shoes.
  • For A Long Time There Was Only The Sound Of Wind…. Rockets Will Get Through Someday.
  • Harry Bittering Moved Into Metal Shop….. At Metal Shop Rocket Frame Began To Rust.
  • She Was A Large Woman With A Large Purse….. Until His Teeth Rattled.
  • Sweat Popped Out On The Boy’s Face…..The Woman Still Held Him By His Neck In The Middle Of Her Room.
  • In Another Corner Of The Room…..And He Did Not Want To Be Mistrusted Now.
  • When They Finished Eating…..I Hope U Will Behave Yourself.
  • After The Meal Had Concluded…..Harness Man Saw U Pick Up The Pocketbook.
  • Mr. Hubert Went Along….Mr. James Owner Of Pocketbook.
  • Our Talk At Club One Day…..The Man Who Keeps On Wins The Race.
  • There Was A Young Fellow…..Hundred Yards At His School.
  • Both Parents Of Gorgios….It Only Remained To Inaugurate Him.
  • Please Come Down As Soon As You Can……Photographer Sections Of Sunday Papers.
  • Both Mother And Father Almost Turned Themselves Inside Out……They Would Take The Responsibility.
  • Then I Grasped The Child’s Head……My Face Was Burning With It.
  • Sheikh Sa’di Was A Great Story Teller……The King Also Became Displeased.
  • A King Fell Seriously Ill…..Looked Towards The Sky And Smiled.
  • One Evening As The Sun Was Setting……They Beat Him Well & Let Him Go.
  • When He Had Overtaken Them……Now Observe Its Effect On Human Being.
  • At Once Richard Shouted At The Cook boy…….To Make It Acrid & Black.
  • Looking Out, All The Trees Were Queer……Well, U R Lucky.
  • But Margaret Preferred…… Well What Then Was Ruin?
  • I Am Not Unmindful…….Let Us Not Wallow In The Valley Of Despair.
  • I Have A Dream That One Day The State Of Alabama…..And All Flesh Shall See It Together.
  • This Is Our Hope…….When All Of Us Will Be Able To Sing With New Meaning.
  • One Dollar And Eighty Seven Cents…….The Other Thing Was Della’s Hair.
  • Jim Was Never Late…….What A Beautiful Gift I Got For You.
  • Maulvi Abdul Sighed And Wiped The Tears From His Eyes…..A Little Raw Sugar With Bread.
  • In The Crowd……As If They Were A Gift From There.

English Guess FSc Part-1 Important Question

  • One Evening In January…….The Pavement Thronged With Pedestrians.
  • By Now It Was Past Seven…….He Played A Few Notes & Closed It Again.
  • When The Couple Had Walked…… Truck Was No More To Be Seen.
  • Beneath The Scarf…….His Neck Was Clean & Well Powdered.
  • I Had A Vexing Dream Last Night……Why Noting Them Down Must Be A Comfort For You.
  • It Was More For The Sake Of Talking……I Asked Him
  • I Also Reminded Him Of Four Balcony Seats……There Was Nothing To Grumble At.

Pairs of Words

  • Edible / Audible
  • Heal / Heel
  • Cast / Caste / Cost
  • Corps / Corpse / Carcass
  • Tale / Tail
  • Advice / Advise
  • Award / Reward
  • Cell / Sell
  • Course / Coarse

English Guess FSc Part-1 Important Question

  • Sweet / Sweat
  • Affect / Effect
  • Bare / Bear
  • Cite / Site / Sight
  • Cease / Seize
  • Unable / Enable
  • Elder / Older
  • Bail / Bale
  • Stair / Stare
  • Rain / Reign
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