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Download LND Reflective Notes in pdf

Download LND Reflective Notes in pdf. LND Reflective Notes: How to Write Them For SED teachers, the LND Reflective Notes Writing Method is a useful tool. The technique for conducting the LND Test for class three has been modified by the School Education Department. Different parts of observation for instructors and students are included in the new technique.

The revised LND technique is described in full below. Show and Tell, Story and Poem Time, Concept Time, Brain Game, and Assessment are all sections of the SED revised MEA test. Reflective Notes is a new section of the updated LND approach. You will learn how to compose Reflective Notes here.

LND Reflective Notes Sections

The LND Reflective Notes section includes information on a teacher’s contribution, such as the techniques he used to engage his students and make the concepts in his class obvious.

All LND Reflective Notes Sections?

LND Reflective Notes are divided into four sections.

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  1. What exercises did I find most useful in my classroom? What is the reason behind this?
  2. What activities have been enhanced or altered? Why / how did you do it?
  3. Which activity did the majority of the pupils enjoy?
  4. What adjustments will I make to my lesson plan in the future?
Download LND Reflective Notes
Download LND Reflective Notes
Download LND Reflective Notes in pdf

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