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CM Punjab Banned Recruitment Notification


CM Punjab Banned Recruitment Notification. Punjab Recruitment Ban 2022. On July 29, 2022, the Chief Minister’s Office of Punjab released the most recent notification on the temporary ban on hiring.

With immediate effect, the Chief Minister has decided to completely halt any hiring in the Punjabi government. However, the Punjab Public Service Commission will continue to conduct regular hiring processes. Please take any additional necessary action in accordance.

The formal notification on the ban on recruitment was released by the Minister for Labour & HR Department, Government of Punjab, on March 8, 2022. You may also look at the most recent Punjab Recruitment Policy 2022.

CM Punjab Banned Recruitment Notification

CM Punjab Banned Recruitment Notification
CM Punjab Banned Recruitment Notification

In accordance with notice number SOR.IV(S&GAD)10-15/2018(ban), dated 07.12.2018, the Government of Punjab has now prohibited all recruitments from BS-01 to BS-16, with the exception of BS-17 and above, which are within the jurisdiction of the Punjab Public Service Commission.

Additionally, a summary has been sent to the Chief Minister asking for a relaxation of the restriction on hiring for empty positions in the Labor & Human Resource Department’s connected departments and autonomous organisations.

With the foregoing in mind, it is desirable that all forms of recruitment in connected departments and autonomous organisations. such as work charge basis, retainership basis, internship basis, etc, Cease immediately until acceptance of the summary for obtaining a relaxation on the prohibition on recruitment.

Before 4:00 pm on Tuesday, February 9, 2022. The heads of connected departments and autonomous bodies must submit a compliance report.

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