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Ban Lifting in SED against Widow, Wedlock and Mutual Transfers

Ban Lifting in SED against Widow, Wedlock and Mutual Transfers. School Education Department of Punjab is going to start the transfers for teachers.

lifting of Ban on Transfers / postings of teachers of school education department against divorced, Widow, disabled, married, wedlock and mutual categories.

The chief minister has been pleased to approve lilting of ban on transfers / postings against divorced, widow, disabled, married, wedlock and mutual categories through e-transfer system with immediate effect.

SED Ban Lifting on Transfer 2019
SED Ban Lifting on Transfer 2019

The applicants seeking transfers / postings in above mentioned categories will apply through e-transfer system as per scheduled time lines available on the system,

The chief minister has further been pleased to withdraw the transfers / postings

Powers already delegated under transfer policy 2013 to the district and divisional Officers forth with.

Rationalization of Teachers

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Rationalization of Teachers for School Education Department (SED) 2019. Minister of School Education Department Respected DR. Murad Raas has announced about the key points related to the procedure of teachers for the years 2019.

The process of rationalization is starting from Monday 14 October which will be completed by November 10.

The most senior teachers in the school will have their rationalization and will be sent to the schools within 10-12 km of their markaz.

Starting November 11, processing for Mutual Transfers, widows and people with disabilities will begin throughout the year. And all the transfers will take place online.

90% of schools in Punjab will not have a shortage of teachers after reallocation.

After the meeting of the next Chief Executive Officer, there will be no issue of 25 casual holidays.

Within fourteen to fifteen months, all teacher related promotions, retirements, pensions, etc. will be made online and teachers will be able to solve their problems online at home.

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