B.A BSc Physics Guess of Paper D Examination


B.A BSc Physics Guess of Paper D Examination. Get Updated Guess for BA/BSc 2019 Examination of BZU Multan. BA/BSc Latest Guess for 2019 annual examination.

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    B.A/Bsc Physics Paper D Guess 2019 BZU Multan

    B.A Bsc Physics Guess of Paper D Examination

    B.A/Bsc 2019 Physics Paper

    Bahaudin Zakariya University, Multan

    1) Quantum theory
    2) PN-Junction
    3) PHOTOELECTRIC effect.
    4) TRANSISTOR as amplifier
    5) ENERGY band theory
    6) FULL & HALF wave rectification.
    7) DAVISSON & GERMER experiment
    8) SCHRODINGER wave equation.
    9) NUCLEAR spin magnetism
    10) BINDING energy mass defect.

    Chemistry Guess 2nd year for Annual Examination.

    Get Latest and updated guess for Annual Examination. Important Long questions of Chemistry for intermediate part-2. Important short question for second year chemistry. Important example of FSc Part-2 Chemistry.

    Intermediate Part-2 Math important ling and short questions. Intermediate part-1 and part-2 annul examination important long questions, short questions and important examples.

    Explain Position of Hydrogen
    2. Explain Hydrides
    3. Ionization energy
    4. Down’s cell
    5. Nelson cell
    6. Role of lime in industries
    7. Role of gypsum
    8. Peculiar behavior of Li and Be
    9. Open hearth process
    10. Electrochemical theory
    11. Bessemer’s process
    12. Manufacture of wrought iron
    13. Isomerism
    14. Sp3 hybridization

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