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AIOU B.Ed 8604 Assignment No. 01 – No Plagiarism


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Q.1 What are Sources of Knowledge? Define scientific method and describe its different steps. (20)

B.ed 8604 Research Methods in Education Assignment-02



Information is control on the off chance that we know. In any case, do we know the various wellsprings of learning? As we are investigating about brain, it’s great to think about these various wellsprings of information.

Motivation, disclosure, knowledge, instinct, delight, divine sight and everlasting ecstasy are the seven planes of Information. There are four wellsprings of information, viz., nature, reason, instinct and super-instinct or on the other hand Atma-Juana (Self Realization).


At the point when an insect creeps in your correct arm, the left arm naturally moves towards the correct arm to drive away the insect. The psyche does not reason there. When you see a scorpion before your leg, you pull back your leg naturally.

This is named natural or programmed development. As you cross a road, how intuitively you move your body to spare yourself from the vehicles! Nature is found in creatures and winged animals. In winged creatures, the sense of self does not meddle with the free heavenly stream and perfect play.

Consequently the work done by them through their impulses is more immaculate than that done by human creatures. Have you not seen the phenomenal work done by flying creatures in their structure of awesome homes?


Reason is higher than nature and is discovered distinctly in individuals. It gathers certainties, sums up, reasons out from cause to impact, from impact to cause, from premises to ends, from recommendations to proofs.

It finishes up, chooses and comes to judgment. It takes you securely to the entryway of instinct and leaves you there. Conviction, thinking, information and confidence are the four significant clairvoyant procedures.

First you have confidence in a specialist. You go to him for finding and treatment. He makes a careful examination and after that recommends certain drugs. You take them. You reason out: Such and such is the ailment. The specialist has given me Iron and Iodide.

Iron will improve my blood. The Iodide will animate the lymphatic and assimilate the exudation and development in the liver. So I should take it. On that point the ailment is restored, by a course of these medications, in a month.

At that point you get learning of and ideal confidence in the adequacy of the drug and the capability of the specialist. That point you prescribe to your companions this specialist and his medications.


Instinct is otherworldly involvement. it is the prompt learning of the Absolute, acquired through the eye of shrewdness, instead of the information of the outside articles inferred through the exercise of the faculties and the astuteness.

There is immediate view of truth or prompt information. You know things by a glimmer. Instinct rises above reason, however does not repudiate it. Mind takes a man to the entryway of instinct and returns back.

Profound flashes and looks at truth come through instinct. Motivation, disclosure, profound knowledge come through instinct. The psyche and the faculties require existence to work, yet the Reality which is past this transient, spatial and causal request of things, must be gotten a handle on and caught by instinct. Instinct is past relativity.


Self-acknowledgment (Atma-Jnana) implies information of oneself or soul. The reason the term ‘acknowledgment’ is utilized rather than ‘learning’ is that jnana alludes to information of self dependent on experience, not minor scholarly learning.

” Atma-Jnana, actually “information of the spirit or incomparable soul”. Atmadnana is above instinct. It is the most noteworthy type of Knowledge. It is the main Reality.

Logical METHOD.

The logical technique is a procedure for experimentation that is utilized to investigate perceptions and answer questions. Does this mean all researchers pursue precisely this procedure? No. A few territories of science can be more effectively tried than others.

For instance, researchers concentrating how stars change as they age or how dinosaurs processed their sustenance can’t quick advance a star’s life by a million years or then again run restorative tests on bolstering dinosaurs to test their theories.

At the point when direct experimentation is impractical, researchers alter the logical strategy. Indeed, there are likely the same number of renditions of the logical strategy as there is researchers! Be that as it may, notwithstanding when altered,

the objective continues as before: to find circumstances and logical results connections by posing inquiries, cautiously assembling and looking at the proof, and checking whether all the accessible data can be joined in to a legitimate answer.

Despite the fact that we demonstrate the logical strategy as a progression of steps, remember that new data or then again thinking may make a researcher back up and rehash ventures anytime during the procedure.

A procedure like the logical strategy that includes such sponsorship up and rehashing is called an iterative process.

Regardless of whether you are completing a science reasonable undertaking, a homeroom science movement, autonomous examines, or some other hands-on science request understanding the means of the logical technique will help you center your logical inquiry and work through your perceptions and information to answer the question just as conceivable. AIOU B.Ed 8604


The means of the logical technique were created over centuries, since the season of the antiquated Greek and Persian rationalists.


The beginning stage of most new research is to plan a general inquiry concerning a region of research furthermore, start the way toward characterizing it.

This underlying inquiry can be wide, as the later research, perception and narrowing down will sharpen it into a testable speculation. Inevitably, the analyst will touch base at one principal speculation around which the trial can be planned.

Designing the Experiment.

This phase of the logical strategy includes structuring the means that will test and assess the speculation, controlling at least one factor to create analyzable information. The test ought to be planned in light of later measurable tests, by ensuring that the test has controls and a huge enough example gathering to give measurably legitimate outcomes.


This is the midpoint of the means of the logical technique and includes watching and recording the aftereffects of the exploration, assembling the discoveries into crude information. The perception stage includes looking at what impact the controlled factors have upon the subject, and recording the outcomes. AIOU B.Ed 8604


The extent of the exploration starts to widen once more, as factual investigations are performed on the information, and it is sorted out into a justifiable structure. The appropriate responses given by this step permit the further extending of the examination, uncovering a few patterns and replies to the underlying questions.


This stage is the place; in fact, the speculation is expressed as demonstrated or negated. Be that as it may, the greater part of research is never as obvious as that, thus it is important to channel the outcomes and state what occurred and why.

This stage is the place intriguing results can be reserved for further research and adjustment of the underlying speculation.

Regardless of whether the speculation was off base, perhaps the test had an imperfection in its structure or usage. There might be patterns that, while not factually critical, lead to further research what’s more, refinement of the procedure.

The outcomes are typically distributed and imparted to established researchers, permitting confirmation of the discoveries and enabling others to proceed with examination into different territories.


This isn’t the last phase of the means of the logical strategy, as it creates information and thoughts to reuse into the principal organize. The underlying and more extensive research region can again be tended to, with this exploration one of the numerous individual pieces responding to the entire inquiry. AIOU B.Ed 8604

Working up comprehension of a huge zone of research, by bit by bit working up an image, is the genuine way of logical headway. One incredible model is to take a gander at crafted by 1.1 Thomson, who bit by bit crawled towards his definitive answer.

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