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5th and 8th Class English PEC Paragraphs Essays Stories Letters Sentences Notes


1. My school

I read in government GES Bahawalpur kabirwala. It is very famous school. It is situated in the heart of kabirwala city. It is a good school. It has 13 rooms. It has an office. It has a staff room. There is a big computer lab. It has a beautiful canteen. It has a small playground. We play there. There are 26 teachers in this school. All the teachers are hard working. We like it very much.

2. The book

A book is a good friend. This is a book. It is a good book. It is my book. Its color is blue. It has fifty pages. Its price is thirty rupees only. I bought it from bazaar. It is very useful. It is book of stories. I read it daily. It has many stories. It is very helpful. I always keep it neat and clean. It is my companion. I like it very


3. My country

Pakistan is my country. It is my own homeland. It is my favorite country. It is an islamic country. It came into being on august 14, 1947. Muhammad ali jinnah is the founder of pakistan. Pakistan has 5 provinces. Pakistan is a nuclear country. Urdu is our national language. Islamabad is the capital of pakistan. Its population is 22 caror. Pakistan is an agriculture country. Its area is 796096

Sq. /km. I like it very much. I love my country.

4. My house

House is a place where we live. It is always like a paradise. I have a beautiful house. It is situated in garden town. It has five rooms. My six family members live in this house. I have a small garden in my house. There is a small kitchen. We live here happily. There is a beautiful drawing room. My house looks beautiful due to a small garden. I like my house very much.

5. Morning walk

Morning walk is a best exercise. It is good for health. I go out for morning walk daily. I get up early in the morning. I say my morning prayer after this i go to a park. Many people come there for a walk. Weather is fine. The cool breeze is blowing. Birds are chirping in the trees. I take exercise there. It purify my blood. Morning walk makes me healthy. It keeps us refreshed all the day.  I enjoy the morning walk very much.

6- Road Accident

Last Sunday, i saw road accident. The driver of the car lost his balance at turn. He crashed into an electric pole. The driver was badly hurt. He was the only person in the car who got injured. We helped him to come out from the car. Then, we took him to the hospital. The doctor discharged him after giving the first aid. Accident is not good In any way. They always cause harm to the people. That was an unhappiest moment of my life.

7.  Garden

I have a small garden in my house. There are many flowers in this garden. I water these plants daily. I take exercise there early in the morning. I refresh my mind there. I feel glad and happy there. My house looks very beautiful due to this small garden. I like it very much. I suggest everyone to have small garden in their house.

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