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36 Lesson Plans Booklet for LitNum Hour Grade 3

36 Lesson Plans Booklet for LitNum Hour Grade 3. Download 36 LitNum Hour Lesson Plans Book for Grade 3 Teacher. Government of Punjab has announced Literacy and Numeracy Drive for students of grade 3. This drive was propelled to enhance the student’s understanding toward daily file problem. As well as to increase their intellectual ability.

Updated LND Booklet & LitNum Material for MEA Monitoring

Contents for 36 Lesson Plans Booklet

  • 1. Pesh Lafz
  • 2. LitNum Hour Introduction
  • 3. Selected LND SLOs
  • 4. Teacher’s Reflective Notes
  • 5. All 36 Lesson Plans

LitNum Hour Lesson Plans Planned According The Following Routine.

Top Trending
Show and Tell03 minutes
Key words02 minutes
Story/Poem time10 minutes
Concept time35 minutes
New word booklet/Brain games10 minutes

LND Reflective Notes Writing Method for SED Teachers

36 Lesson Plans Booklet for LitNum Hour Grade 3

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