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2nd year Chemistry Guess for Annual Examination


2nd year Chemistry Guess for Annual Examination. Get Latest and updated guess for Annual Examination. Important Long questions of Chemistry for intermediate part-2. Important short question for second year chemistry. Important example of FSc Part-2 Chemistry.

Intermediate Part-2 Math important ling and short questions. Intermediate part-1 and part-2 annul examination important long questions, short questions and important examples.

Chemistry Guess 2nd year for Annual Examination 2019

1. Explain Position of Hydrogen
2. Explain Hydrides
3. Ionization energy
4. Down’s cell
5. Nelson cell
6. Role of lime in industries
7. Role of gypsum
8. Peculiar behavior of Li and Be
9. Open hearth process
10. Electrochemical theory
11. Bessemer’s process
12. Manufacture of wrought iron
13. Isomerism
14. Sp3 hybridization

15. Cracking of petroleum
16. Preparation of alkynes
17. Conversion of acetylene to divinyle acetylene and to benzene
18. Preparation of benzene
19. Stability of benzene
20. Sulphonation and nitration
21. Friedel craft reaction
22. SNI and SN2
23. B-Elimination reaction
24. Preparation of phenol
25. Acidic behavior of phenol
26. Industrial preparation of alocohol

27. Addition of sodium bisulphite
28. Adol condensation
29. Canizaro reaction
30. Haloform reaction
31. Recycling
32. Industrial waste effluents
33. Pesticides
34. Purification of water

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