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10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper for Annual Examination

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper for Annual Examination. Get Latest guess of Short and Long Question for annual examination of 10th class. Chapter wise short and long question for examination.

Respected student it is important to note that guess papers and question are always optional that are provided by seeing the papers patterns and previous knowledge.

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper for Annual Examination does not provide any guarantee of these questions in the papers.

  1. Difference between Reactants and Products.
  2. Define Law Of Mass Action.
  3. Difference between Dynamic and Static Equilibrium.
  4. What Is Larger and Smaller Value Of Kc?
  5. Write Microscopic Properties Or Character Of Dynamic Equilibrium
  6. Difference between Reveres and Forward Reaction.
  7. Compare QC Vs KC.
  8. Why The Reversible Reaction Never Complete.
  9.  What Will Be Reaction If Kc=QC.
  10. Define Equilibrium Constant.
  11. Has Equilibrium Constant Units .Yes Or No?
  12. Exercise Short Q No: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (10), (13) Of Chap. 9
  13. Difference between Acid and Bases or Write Properties of Acid and Base.
  14. Difference between Conjugate Acid and Base.
  15. What Is Lewis Acid and Base?
  16. Limitations Of Arrhenius Concept?
  17. Plaster Of Paris?
  18. Why BF3 Act As Lewis Acid.
  19.  What Is Bronsted Concept Of Acid and Base?
  20. Write The Name Of Minerals Acid.
  21. Difference between Acidic and Basic Salt.
  22. Why Fresh Water Is Not Electrolyte.
  23. Difference between Acid and Base?
  24. Difference between Universal Indicator and Ph Meter.
  25. Write Uses Of Sodium Silicate.
  26. Difference between PH and POH and Also Write Their Uses.
  27. What Is Neutralization and Also Define Salts.
  28. Which Acids Are Used In Fertilizers?
  29. Write Chanter Of Salt and Also Define Salts.
  30. How Salts Are Prepared.
  31. Which Acid Is Found In Apples, Urine and Sour Milk?
  32. How The Food Is Perverse.
  33. Write Different Types Of Salts?
  34. What Is Hyper acidity?
  35. Exercise Short Q. NO: (2), (6), (7), (8), (10), (11, 15, 16, 17, 20) Of Chap. 10.
  36. What Is Vital Force Theory?
  37. How Hydrocarbons Used As Fuels.
  38. What Was Working Of Wohler OR Who Prepare Urea First Time.
  39. Difference between Organic Chemistry and Organic Compound
  40. Classify The Types Of Coal.
  41. Difference between Molecular and Structural Formula.
  42. Write Sources of Organic Compounds.
  43. What Are Aromatic Compounds?
  44. Define The Coke, Coal Gas and Coal Tar.
  45. Difference between Homo cyclic and Hetero cyclic.
  46. Write The Formula To Indicate Organic Compounds.
  47. Difference between Open Chain and Closed Chain.
  48. How Hydrocarbons Used As Food Stock In Industry.
  49. Define The Isomerism and Isomers.
  50. What Is Carbonation Or How Coal Is Formed?
  51. Why Organic Compounds are Abundant and Also Define Concatenation
  52. What Is Destructive Distillation?
  53. What Is Naphthalene?
  54. What’s About Perfumes?
  55. Define Petroleum.
  56. Difference between Homologous Series and Functional Group
  57. What Is Aldehyde?
  58. Three Uses Of Organic Compounds?.
  59. Write Three Characteristics Of Organic Compounds.
  60. Two Characters Of Homologous Series?
  61. Difference between Bromine Test and Fehling Solution Test.
  62. Difference between Aldehyde and Ketones.
  63. Exercise Short Q.No 2…3…4…7…8.12.13…Of Chap. 11.
  64. What Are Hydrocarbons?
  65. Write Uses Of Ethane, Ethane and Acetylene.
  66. Difference between Saturated.
  67. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons.
  68. Write General Formulas Of Hydrocarbons
  69. Why Alkane Called Paraffin
  70. Write Name Of Simple Alkane.
  71. Why Alkenes Called Ole fins.
  72. Write Sources Of Alkane, Alkenes and Alkynes?

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73. Write two physical properties of Alkane and Alkene?
74. Why alkynes called acetylene.
75. Exercise short Q.No.6…8…9…10…11…15…16…17.of chap. 12.
76. Define biochemistry and Write its importance
77. Difference between ghee and oil.

78. Difference between water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.
79. Define carbohydrates and Write its classification.
80. Write commercial use of enzyme.
81. Write two uses of lipid, protein and carbohydrates. 81. How RNA act as messenger.
82. Difference between essential and non essential amino acids.

83. What is margarine?
84. Difference between glucose and fructose.
85. Write sources of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates.
86. What is peptide linkage?
87. What are nucleotides or components of DNA?

88. Write general formula of amino acids and carbohydrates.
89. What is hydrogenation of oil?
90. Write uses of lipid, proteins and carbohydrates.
91. Difference between ghee and oil?
92.Write sources of vitamin A and D?

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93. Difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids?
94. Write importance of vitamins.
95. Difference between DNA and RNA and also write their functions.
96. How DNA cause of cancer.
97. What disease caused by deficiency of vitamin A and D.

98. Exercises short Q.No…1…2…5…6…7…9…10… Chap. 13.
99. How many layers or region of atmosphere and Write their names?
100. Difference between atmosphere and environment.
101. Write composition of dry air or atmosphere.
102. Difference between pollution and pollutants.

103. How CO2 is hidden enemy.
104. Difference between primary and secondary pollutants.
105. Write sources of CO2.
106. What is green house effect?
107. Write oxides of S, C and N.

108. Define global warming and its effects.
109. Write Govt. action to control the pollution.
110. Name the air pollutants.
111. Write name of life gas.
112. What is incineration?

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113. Define acid rain and its effects on environment.
114. Write the greenhouse gases.
115. How ozone depleted and also Define ozone hole.
116. Write effects of ozone depletion and how ozone is beneficial for man?
117. Exercises short Q.No…5…8…9…10…12? Of chap 14.

10th Class Chemistry Guess

Top Trending

118. What is capillary action? Or how water rise up in plants?
119. Write major characteristics or properties of water.
120. What is chlorination?
121. Why water is polar.
122. Why water is universal solvent?

123. What are disadvantages of hard water?
124. Write occurrence of water.
125. What are effects of water pollution?
126. Write types of hardness of water?
127. What are industrial effluents?

10th Class Chemistry Guess

128. Difference between jaundice and hepatitis.
129. Difference between hard and soft water.
130. What is Clark’s method?
131. Write types of hardness.
131. Which salts cause of water hardness?

132. How to remove hardness of water.
133. Exercises short Q.No…1…3… chap. 15.
134. Define the ore, minerals, metallurgy and gangue.
135. Difference between roasting and smelting.
136. Write advantages of Solvay process.

10th Class Chemistry Short Question Guess.

137. Difference between refining and fractional distillation.
138. Difference between matte and slag.
139. Difference between LPG and CNG.
140. Write fractions of petroleum within one use of each.
141. Write raw material of Solvay.

142. Difference between gravity and electromagnet separation.
143. Difference blister copper and anode mud.
144. Write importance of urea.
145.What is residual oil.
146. Write raw material, products and byproducts of Solvay.

147. Whats status of chemistry in industry.
148. Exercises short Q.No…3…4…6…8…11…13…14…16…17…11 of chap. 16.

Explanatory Questions for 10th Class Chemistry Guess

1. Explain the law of mass action.
2. What is importance of Kc?
3. Write microscopic characteristics of dynamic equilibrium?
4. Explain Lewis acid and base concept.
5. Arrhenius concept of acid and base.

6. Explains the uses of acids, bases and salts atleast four uses of each.
7. Explain different types of salts?
8. How salts are prepared.
9. Write uses of methane, ethene and acettylene.
10. How alkanes are prepared.

11. Explain the sources and uses of carbohydrates and proteins.
12. Explain Watson and crick model of DNA.
13. Write sources and uses of Lipids?
14. Explain the water borne diseases and how to prevent these diseases?
15. Write effects of water pollution?

16. Explain methods to remove hardness of Water?
17. Explain industrial effluents with its effects?
18. How urea is manufactured.
19. Write importance and status of urea?
20. What are fertilizers explain it within its types?

21. Explain the Solvay process and also write advantages of Solvay process?
22. What is petroleum industry? Explain it.
23. Write important fractions of petroleum?
24. Draw flow sheet of Solvay and urea preparation.
25. Write basic metallurgical operations.
26. Difference between natural and chemical fertilizers?

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